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  • By Bart Vansteenkiste
  • March 17, 2012
  • Life Sciences
  • Pharmaceuticals
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The State Food and Drug Administration of China (SFDA) work to ensure the safety of food and healthcare products in the Chinese market. The drug regulation aims to protect patients from counterfeit pharmaceuticals and counterfeit traditional Chinese medicines. The regulation involves assigning unique product identities ‘eCodes’ at various packaging units, a level of aggregation and verification through the Drug Electronic Supervision system.

The regulation requires the printed eCode to contain both machine and human readable elements and the associated data to be sent to the Chinese government. The code format is a 128C barcode with a 20 digit serial number containing a 9 digit government issued serialised number.

Why Domino?

Domino has extensive experience in developing and manufacturing legislative compliant coding solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Recognising the challenge to manufacturers in complying with emerging global legislation Domino employs dedicated legal, validation and global standards specialist. Technology meets the demanding requirements of high speed serialisation lines whilst ensuring code quality, high OEE and maximum uptime.

Suggested products?

The following coding and marking technologies are optimal for printing 1D linear barcodes in accordance with the requirements of the SFDA as well as a variety of other code and text formats for secondary and tertiary requirements.

Thermal ink jet

Main benefits

  • Specially developed sector inks ensure excellent dry time, contrast and colour-fastness from manufacture to point of dispensation
  • i-Tech components combine to create a flexible, reliable system, including reduced ink wastage through unnecessary cartridge changeover
  • Capable of high speed serialisation at item level



Main benefits

  • The fastest laser available which will meet virtually all sector coding requirements on labels and cartons
  • Easy integration into existing lines or Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM’s) equipment
  • Capable of very high speed serialisation at item level

Thermal transfer overlay

Main benefits

  • Market leading performance for high speed serialised label and flexible  package printing
  • Comprehensive software suite for simple integration with existing technology
  • i-Tech Ribbon Drive reduces ribbon use by up to 60%

    Print and Apply Labelling

    Main benefits

    • Premium label and pallet label printing with GS1 coding capability ensuring supply chain compliance
    • Compact design for easy integration into virtually all OEM equipment
    • Simple label and ribbon paths ensures quick reliable supply change

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