Domino printers: better by nature?

  • By Luigi Pistilli
  • July 28, 2015
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Introducing our award winning printer

Packaging Europe’s inaugural Sustainability Awards was created to celebrate innovations in the packaging supply chain that improve sustainability. Earlier this month (July 2015) Domino’s A520i continuous ink jet printer was named runner-up in the machinery category of the awards. The printer was praised for its ability to reduce ink wastage by as much as 90% - saving up to 5.1 litres per printer per annum. The A520i also requires 50 per cent less solvent ‘make up’ during its lifetime.

In a nutshell: it’s efficient.

What is continuous ink jet printing?

Continuous ink jet (CIJ) printing is the most commonly used process for applying codes to goods. It works through a non-contact process, where ink is circulated through the print head and back in to the printer. However as the ink circulates it loses some of its content through evaporation. To keep ink at the correct viscosity, this loss is automatically replaced with additional solvent known as ‘make up’.

What makes our printer different?

Domino’s A520i CIJ Printer is unique in that it uses a module that contains both the working ink and ink filters for the printer. Essentially it combines the jobs of the reservoir and filters into one function. Best of all this module only needs replacing once a year, slashing ink wastage. During operation the A520i pulls far less air through the ink cycle too, which means that a smaller amount of solvent evaporates from the ink.

Businesses have a social responsibility to ensure that they continually strive for accountable stewardship of our natural environment. At Domino we are developing products that advance our environmental performance, by improving the efficiency with which we use resources. Sandy Shattock, Group corporate responsibility manager, Domino Printing Sciences

Sustainable packaging, environmental commitment

Operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. Two things we take seriously at Domino. The development of a printer that requires fewer consumables and reduces waste demonstrates this. It’s a printer that can help you hit your production line targets as well as your CSR requirements, without losing print quality or speed. So now you can have ethics and performance on your side.

Printing on an industrial scale is resource-intensive. That’s why any printer that cuts your resource consumption should be celebrated. Because when you cut consumption, you boost your bottom line. And after all, why should high-quality printing cost the earth?

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