Are You Ready for Service-Free Inkjet Printing?

  • By Chris Thorpe
  • February 18, 2016
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Uptime is important on any production line. But when you are running multiple printers and coders, uptime becomes business-critical. It’s a simple equation. The longer it takes to service each printer and change the consumables, the more disruptive it is to productivity, profits and peace of mind.

Inkjet printers can be fiddly to maintain – typically requiring annual visits from a specialist. But Domino’s A-Series of continuous inkjet printers is service-free. Thanks to our latest innovation this is a job that anyone can now do in less than ten minutes. No mess, no tools, no specialist knowledge needed.

How is it so easy?

Ten minutes, maintenance done

You don’t need to be a techie or gadget wiz to master maintenance with the A-Series. Each printer comes with an i-Tech module, which contains all the working ink, fluids and filters for your machine. When it comes to changeovers, it’s a case of swapping one cartridge for another. Worried about getting it wrong? Don’t be. All the relevant cartridges are colour-coded to make sure you never use out-of-date or incorrect fluids. It doesn’t get easier.

As for your empty cartridges? Well, there are no electrical components or connections with the i-Tech module, which makes it easy to dispose of empty containers in an eco-friendly way.

The simplicity of the i-Tech module gives you the fastest and cleanest service operation in the inkjet coding and printing world.

Go for longer between changes

Not only does the A-Series use less but it also features larger than normal cartridges. That means you maximise your fluids, resulting in more makeup mileage per change – dramatically improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Ready to break the service routine?

Efficiency, productivity and uptime are watchwords for any manufacturer. The A-Series reduces downtime and maintenance costs to the lowest of any other inkjet printer, helping to keep you running at peak performance. No need for tools, no need for unnecessary visits from product engineers. Just fuss-free printing that you can take care of yourself. Are you ready to break the service routine?

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