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  • By James Cutforth
  • November 08, 2016
  • Tobacco
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An overview of Domino’s experience & capability

Securing the supply chain and fighting illicit trade in tobacco products by implementing tracking & tracing systems is at the core of Inextor.

Domino has been the Global leader in the supply of cigarette pack identification solutions to the Tobacco Industry for well over a decade. We are very proud of our heritage in the industry, one of the most demanding production processes anywhere.

Domino were the first coding company to become Inextor compatible with their Domino A200 inkjet printers in 2003, and compatibility with the D-Series range of lasers followed. Domino aims to give all its new coding products Inextor compatibility at launch.

Domino works closely with both the Inexto development team and the Digital Coding & Tracking Association (DCTA) to develop coding solutions that meet the demands of the industry.

To date, Domino has over two thousand inkjet & laser printers coding on some of the fastest cigarette packers in the world, and a large percentage of these printers have been coding serialised unique identifiers for many years.

Domino has printed tens of billions of cigarette packs with this unique code, whilst still maintaining industry leading standards of reliability and ease-of-use.


Domino recognises illicit trade as a serious global issue for the Tobacco industry. We endeavour to protect the integrity of genuine companies operating in the sector by consciously avoiding any dealings with illicit operators in this, or any other industry. James Cutforth, Global Sector Manager - Tobacco

As well as having the technical edge, Domino has a team dedicated to supporting only Tobacco manufacturers – this has led to Domino being a key, mostly first, point of contact for the largest tobacco companies in the world.

This dedicated team of experts gives unparalleled support and advice to customers in well over 90 countries with Tobacco manufacturing operations. Domino also has strong links with the majority of Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM’s) supplying packaging equipment to the industry, whether it is for cigarettes or Other Tobacco Products (OTP).

To enable the aggregation of packs with bundles the Inextor SUPI (Serialised Unique Product Identifier) is printed as a new 2D machine readable code, called DotCode. Domino was the first to develop DotCode for its inkjet and laser printers, and once again Domino is at the forefront of qualifying this new machine readable code format on all packer types.

Unlike other coding suppliers, Domino equipment requires no additional external hardware – simply plug the Ethernet cable taken from the code generating IPC into the Domino coder.

Inextor can be used in conjunction with Domino coding systems on all tobacco packaging formats.

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