Product Focus: Versatile Sheet-Fed Inkjet Printing With Domino’s K600i

  • By Shane Dewar
  • November 24, 2016
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The digital age is spectacular, but it isn’t everything. While reading the news over the internet in place of printed newspapers makes sense, tangible published documents are still required the world over in the form of labels, tags, tickets, forms and security products. Not to mention direct mail including envelopes, folders, carton boards and leaflets. The K600i was built for such capabilities and it delivers them with aplomb. With the capability to support text, numbering, barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes, images, graphics and personalised data printing, Domino’s answer to variable data printing is a highly versatile machine that sets incredibly high standards. 

Multiple substrates, multiple functions

A machine with diverse print applications, the K600i provides a huge variety of uses, especially given its ability to print on multiple substrates. The K600i is capable of printing on paper, board, metal, glass, foil and plastic, giving you huge possibilities and the potential to create bespoke products exclusive to your customers. Given the printer’s reliability and wide range of options, from a 782mm print width and speed of up to 120 metres per minute, you’re able to run huge print jobs with rapid turnaround times. And thanks to the machine’s multi-flexibility, it can be set for additional tasks instantly.

Tickets to ride

Need to print magnetic stripe tickets? It’s just one of the many uses of the K600i. If your company is involved with ticket production, you’ll know the complexities involved with their manufacture. From individual numbering to mixed materials to perforated punctures for the stub, they’re intricate documents that need to defy counterfeit attempts.

And if you’re printing tickets, then the direct mail promotional material that advertises those tickets needs to be considered too. The K600i can do both, with ease. With the promise of both pace and precision, it’s about big units at short notice. A production necessity for businesses with multiple projects and tight deadlines.

Sheet-fed inkjet printing


>> Paragon Identification chooses the Domino K600i for printing magnetic stripe tickets

Low maintenance, high quality

Maintenance is little issue for the K600i, with few moving parts. This dramatically reduces the need for manual intervention and minimises the risk of downtime. Furthermore, regardless of the paces you put it through, the K600i’s intelligent i-Tech automated system means that the machine keeps itself ticking over, whilst you carry on printing. With minimal set-up time, you can have production up and running as soon as your data is ready to be turned into printing.

Want to know more? Take a look at the K600i brochure.

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