Made in Cambridge: World’s most advanced CIJ coders launched in the UK

  • By Chris Thorpe
  • April 05, 2017
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High quality doesn’t always mean high cost. Here to prove that is Domino’s revolutionary Ax-Series of CIJ coders. Following its recent UK launch, British manufacturers can now benefit from the world’s most advanced range of continuous inkjet printers. Get ready for speed, quality and refreshingly low total cost of ownership.

How would you like continuous inkjet coding that’s more reliable, more accurate and more cost-effective? Following a recent open day at our factory in Bar Hill in Cambridgeshire, our brand new Ax-Series CIJ printers are available to UK businesses. It’s a range that promises to future-proof manufacturers’ coding operations with production that’s fast, flexible and supreme.

In a moment, we will explain how. But first, how could the Ax-Series benefit your business? 

 Ax-Series CIJ printer

High-speed coding for British production lines

Optimised for high speed, smooth integration and lifetime return on investment, the Ax-Series gives manufacturers a cost-effective way to apply razor-sharp batch codes, use by dates and more onto multiple packaging substrates. The print quality is unparalleled – even at high speeds – and the printers are compatible with the most challenging production environments.

When it comes to CIJ, the Ax-Series is peerless.

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3 key areas of innovation

Innovation is a buzz-term, bandied around recklessly. Yet to make the Ax-Series we completely deconstructed the process of CIJ printing and started again from scratch. We revisited the underlying science behind CIJ and made world-first discoveries along the way. When we say the Ax-Series is innovative, we mean it.

CIJ remains the coding solution of choice across many markets and industries, but we saw the opportunity to rethink three fundamental elements of the technology to deliver measurable benefits for customers and change the way CIJ is perceived. – Chris Thorpe, UK Marketing Manager at Domino

There are three key elements of our Ax-Series that make it so progressive.

Firstly, the i-Pulse printhead. It’s the most sophisticated ever seen. With major advances in droplet accuracy, placement and ink usage you can expect consistently high-quality coding at speed. Fast, flexible and perfect for production lines where quality counts.

Adding brains to our print head’s brawn is i-Techx. That’s the name of the high-performance electronics and software platform at the heart of the Ax-Series. By integrating printers, coders and ERP with the rest of your operational setup, it brings harmony to your production line and dramatically reduces the risk of coding errors and downtime.

The final Ax innovation, Domino Design, is the IP66-rated electronics enclosures. It ensures the Ax-Series is robust, reliable and ready for anything that challenging production environments can throw at it.  Dust, moisture, steam, harsh wash-downs: the Ax-Series can handle it all.

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With the new Ax-Series, Domino can offer a choice of CIJ systems that will set new benchmarks for consistent high-quality printing, productivity and cost of ownership, making CIJ a future-proof investment.” - Chris Thorpe, UK Marketing Manager at Domino

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Tomorrow’s coding technology must meet the need for speed, consistent quality and low total cost of ownership. Thanks to the Ax-Series that technology is here today. But enough talking. If you want to know more, watch the video below to find out more:

Code quality

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