5 further ways the N610i label press can enhance your profits

  • By Chris Thorpe
  • April 30, 2018
  • Digital Printing
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The N610i isn’t just a market leading label press in terms of quality. It delivers compelling business benefits that could enhance your profits.

What is the N610i?

Recently we published an article about the technical prowess and innovative printing features of the N610i digital label press. It really does deliver stunning results. But the benefits of the N610i go far beyond print quality and speed. Thanks to lower cost-per-print, automated maintenance and respected consistency, the N610i can have a transformative impact on your bottom line.

Below we continue with the final 5 of our 10 key reasons the N610i is a high performance label press:

>> 5 reasons the N610i is such a high performance label press

  1. Low cost per job

The era of short print runs involving multiple SKUs presents significant economic challenges. To remain profitable and sustainable, you need a flexible label press that provides a low cost per job. The N610i has no cost for plates and requires just a single operator. The ink costs are competitive, setup time and make-ready between jobs is minimal and there’s virtually no waste.

It means you can remain profitable with even very short print runs - minimising production costs in terms of money, manpower, time and waste. A customer in the US - International Label & Printing Co. - formerly used flexo to print 1,000-2,000 versions of 64 different labels which required 256 plates and took two-three days to complete.

With the N610i that same job is now completed in two-three hours.

  1. There’s minimal waste

Minimising waste isn’t just important in terms of CSR, it saves money too. With the N610i there is typically just two metres of waste on substrate/job change with in-line finishing.

  1. The quality of the N610i is proven

Domino has been redefining what’s possible with inkjet technology for almost four decades. We think the N610i is the leading  label press in the world. But don’t just take our word for it. More than 400 global installations of  the N610i (or its predecessor the N600i) have taken place. That includes more than half of the world’s top ten label printers. The N610i also won “Best label printer” at the 2016 EDP Awards.

“Before our investment in the Domino press, digital print used to account for 2-3% of our business. It now stands at 98%.” Barry Lewis, President & Managing Director, Reel Appeal
  1. The N610i is reliable

Inkjet is a reliable digital technology - especially when it comes to the N610i, which comes with several automated maintenance features. These include an innovative ink circulating system that delivers consistent print colour time after time. The N610i also comes with an innovative automated print head cleaning and capping station, which maintains constant print nozzle performance. The N610i really does look after itself, meaning fewer scheduled maintenance stops and less downtime. That’s good news for your bottom line.

  1. Comprehensive global support

In the unlikely event that you do require technical support, we make sure help is always there when you need it. We are accredited by the Institute of Customer Service and regularly benchmark ourselves with the UK Customer Service Index - this ensures we run a regular continuous improvement programme for our customer’s experience. Our technical helpdesk is run by staff fully trained in printing and coding machinery and the operations we run, with 97% of calls answered within 30 seconds and 65% of queries solved during the first call. Should an on-site visit be necessary, we have a global network of more than 600 service technicians, with first-time fix rates of 90%. In short: we’re there when you need us - 24/7.

>> Domino demonstrates commitment to world class customer service


Enough talking. See the N610i in action.

If you would like to see how the N610i could transform your business, take a look at our website to see the N610i in action.

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