How technology can simplify resealable and easy-open packaging production

  • By Christina Mallin
  • February 05, 2018
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The best laser technology does more than coding. It can also cut, score, perforate and drill a variety of substrates. That can potentially save manufacturers time and money when it comes to producing consumer-friendly packaging or products.

Consumer preference vs Cost to manufacturer

Frustration-free packaging is increasingly in demand. Consumers are expressing a clear preference for easy-open, resealable packaging and are showing it in full force. That poses a problem for manufacturers. Whether this is done during your production or by the packaging supplier, this type of packaging is expensive to produce, and can eat into your profit margins.

For instance, the cost of cutting blades to score easy-open packaging features is high. So too is the cost of pre-scored film. Yet what many manufacturers probably don’t realise is that laser marking technology can score, cut, perforate and drill a variety of substrates. That makes it potentially easier, faster and cheaper to follow the consumer packaging demands for easier to open and keep packaging.

Why is easy-open/resealable packaging so popular?

A recent study by Flexible Packaging magazine found that over 50% of consumers view easy-open packaging as very important, extremely important or absolutely essential. The same study found that the clamour for resealable packaging is even higher. But why?

You’re a consumer. You already know that easy-open and/or resealable packaging is just far easier: easier to open and easier to close (goodbye twist-ties or clips).. It also keeps many foods fresher and helps to extend shelf life. Finally it’s less environmentally damaging - reducing the need for secondary packaging as well as consumer use of foil, storage bags or cling film to keep foods fresh at home.

Look around and you can see examples of consumer-friendly packaging being used for a variety of food packaging. Yet the resealable revolution is pervasive and beginning to infiltrate other industries - such as sports clothing.

The problem of production cost

It’s easy to see why consumers seem to favour new styles of packaging. The problem for manufacturers is that the mechanical processes involved in its production are often expensive. Easy-open packaging, for instance, may require the substrate to be scored. This is typically done with cutting blades, which can be costly to purchase and maintain. An alternative is to buy films that have been pre-scored elsewhere, however this can sometimes be double the cost  of purchasing regular films.

The average consumer is prepared to pay 14% more for products in resealable packaging. But the production transition required results in expense that still poses a problem for a manufacturer’s bottom line.

Surprise, surprise: laser coding technology does scoring too

Laser coding technology is well-known for its speed and flexibility on the coding line. Yet few manufacturers are aware that the guided laser beam used in laser coders can also be used to vaporise substrates in a way that scores the substrate. In short: the best laser coders can score easy-opening lines quickly, efficiently and cheaply, whilst also coding the product in the same production cycle.

Easy open lines score by Domino's D series

That’s not all: laser helps with everything from concert tickets to baby milk

The fact that laser coding technology can be used to cut, score, drill and perforate a variety of substrates makes it an ingenious solution to certain production challenges. You could use this single technology for a huge range of applications. For example with laser coding you could:

  • Make easy tear marks on single-serve sachets
  • Creating peel-off windows for pouches
  • Perforate thermal paper for concert tickets
  • Drill holes to create valves for household sprays
  • Cut aluminium foil seals for tubes of toothpaste, inhalers and e-cigarette cartridges or similiar applications

The technology is incredibly flexible and promises favourable total cost of ownership when compared with outsourcing aspects of your packaging process or buying associated technologies such as die-cutting tools or cutting blades. To repeat: with one machine, you can code, mark, cut, score, drill and perforate. That’s how flexible the best laser coding technology can be. You get all the coding capabilities of advanced laser technology, with the added benefit of adapting its future use to cut, score, perforate and drill a wide variety of substrates - all in one machine.

Easy open line and codes score by Domino's D series printer

How can Domino help?

You want to produce consumer-friendly packaging cost efficient. Here at Domino we have the high-quality laser technology that can help. Our D-Series can score paper, carton, tissue, plastic film. These coders are small, powerful and flexible: capable of coding across a wide variety of materials, with the ability to produce unlimited lines of text. Meanwhile the F220i can score and cut metal foils, such as aluminium foil. Whatever technology you choose, Domino’s extensive knowledge of substrates and laser help to ensure your requirements are met.

To wrap up...

Consumers are increasingly drawn to packaging that’s easier to use and more functional. Embracing these packaging features is likely to be advantageous in terms of inspiring purchases, boosting brand loyalty and gaining a competitive advantage. With laser coding technology from Domino, you can create a wide variety of smart packaging features, without the associated high production costs eating in to your profit margins.

Every business is different. If you would like to discuss your specific requirements, get in touch for a chat about how we could help.

Domino's D series printer have the fact that laser coding technology can be used to cut, score, drill and perforate a variety of substrates makes it an ingenious solution to certain production challenges

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