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As a member of Domino with clear and defined values, you can be confident that no matter where you are in the world, the people you work with will be committed to the same goals.


Our Teams

At Domino, we ‘Do More’.

You may see us helping manufacturers transition to sustainable packaging or leading the change in automated coding. This is because we are not only a business providing industrial printing technology equipment. Our goal is to become the world's leading industrial printing brand by applying our industrial printing expertise and proven solutions, helping global manufacturers achieve sustainability and reduce waste, while engaging, informing, and protecting their consumers.

Career Development

From entering the workplace to personal leadership development, Domino's extensive training programs will run through the entire career of employees, helping employees achieve transformation from newcomers to professional managers.

We have a comprehensive talent development program and an advanced e-learning system so that every employee can acquire new skills and become experts in their field. The Domino management will regularly share the current stage results and future plans with you so that employees can clearly understand the company's development.


We will conduct regular surveys, listen to the suggestions and voices of everyone, and strive to make ‘Domino a great place to work’.

Domino provides good treatment and benefits, a fair and harmonious communication environment, and respects every employee's contribution.

Corporate responsibility

Domino firmly believes that corporate responsibility is integral to business success.

Domino believes that corporate responsibility is integral to business success, and we are firmly committed to the welfare of our stakeholders, including our communities, employees, environment, value chain, and partners. Domino expects every employee to take individual responsibility for their performance and to work together to achieve our sustainability goals.

Our Hiring Process




Please do research to know about Domino before you apply, and only apply for positions that truly interest you or that align with your experience.

We also have an internal referral program, so if you know someone working at Domino, please let us know and please let them contact us. 




We expect to respond to your application within a few weeks. Due to different positions, the actual time is different.

We may invite you to a different form of interview and this also is your chance to get to know us. The form of interview is not limited to telephone, video interview, and on-site interview. Depending on the position, you may also need to complete some different tests before entering the final interview.




We expect to respond to the results within a few days after the final interview and negotiate with you for more details of the offer, but the time may be extended due to different positions. 




After you accept our offer, we will provide information such as materials required for onboarding. Within a few weeks of onboarding, we prepare a series of onboarding and position training. 

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