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Label Management with Domino

Companies who are looking for software to automate their message creation, template management and label deployment across their production line, in order to mitigate human errors, coding mistakes and/or defects, could benefit from Domino's printing control software, QuickDesign.

QuickDesign provides a solution to quickly design labels offline and manage their distribution across primary, secondary and tertiary applications, enabling manufacturers to easily setup and make production changes accurately, consistently, reliably, as well as reducing the risk of product recalls caused by coding mistakes.

It also provides seamless integration with your printers, regardless of your Enterprise Resource Planning (EPS) or Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

ERP = a production or systems control.
MES = localised production schedules.

  • Does your production use common templates or message layouts?
    Offline creation simplifies and provides backup in the event of a printer change or swap of technology.

  • How confident are you that all of your messages are consistent and correct?
    Centralising them using Domino's QuickDesign makes the task simpler. Modifications ensures all messages are updated and accurate - and you only need to do it once, not make the changes per printer.

QuickDesign offers modules from simple message layout creation, through to complete integration. Get in touch to find out which module will work best for your production line.


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