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Wiedenbach has been part of the Domino Group since 2004 and was responsible for the management of the "Industrial Sector" business unit from 2015 onwards. Since 01.01.2023, the company has been fully integrated into the Domino Group with the employees continuing their roles within Domino.

Wiedenbach is an established name in the industry, especially due to its marking specialization for the extrusion industry as well as electrical components. The full integration into the Domino Group was the next logical step due to Wiedenbach’s expertise and history.

As a Wiedenbach customer, you will continue to receive the following support from Domino:

The latest generation systems

If you are interested in a new-generation product, it is worth taking a look at our Ax-Series. You can also contact us directly with any inquiries.

Technical Support

If you own a Wiedenbach system, our technical support team will assist you. Our technical helpdesk is available at wts@domino-deutschland.de or +49 (0) 6134 250 750.

Spare parts and consumables

Domino handles all delivery obligations for spare parts and consumables previously contracted through Wiedenbach. These can be ordered at wts@domino-deutschland.de and sales@domino-uk.com.

Technical data sheets, operating instructions, and other downloads

You can download data sheets, user manuals and other documents from Wiedenbach via our documents portal - MyDomino.

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