Printing on snack bags

A long-time favourite of the snack sector, the bag is great for individual packs, sharing packs and multipacks

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The high volume, low margin economics of traditional snack production requires a print solution that is always available, and able to accommodate rapid changeover in production runs. Whilst old style hot-stamp printing has coped, the new generation of thermal transfer overlay printers are capable of so much more. With hot-stamp, changeover takes minutes, meaning production downtime. With a TTO from Domino's V-series, it's a one-click process with no downtime at all. TTO is also more efficient, lower cost to operate and less likely to damage packaging material, thanks to its minimal contact printing. Significantly, TTO can print more text, allowing ingredients to be printed on generic packs, or logos, QR codes and promo codes to be added, as well as production codes and barcodes. Since every design can be set up and stored in a database there's less risk of error whenever there's a changeover, meaning TTO reduces cost and waste at every stage, when compared with hot-stamp printers.

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