Printing on pouches

Pouches have taken over from tins and jars for many of our staple foods

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The pouch is growing in popularity for many foods, carrying with it a sense of greater freshness, and reliance on natural ingredients involving less processing. Target markets tend to be the more environmentally aware consumer, who have ambitions to reduce waste and source sustainable ingredients. And the theme of reducing waste accords neatly with the reduced environmental impact from our Ax-Series of continuous inkjet printers. These clever printers carefully control the viscosity of inks to ensure minimum consumption of solvents and less waste during use. This also helps cut costs. Their IP66 rating means they can be cleaned down on the process line. High print speeds and fast drying inks mean that these printers keep pace with the most demanding production regimes, providing clear, legible codes on every pouch.

Our Automation and Integration Services help make the coding process safer and prevent errors from happening.

Domino Automation and Designer, our software tools for centralised label management and automated deployment, are designed to boost your production efficiency: streamline operations and minimise waste.

Using Domino Automation you can create messages centrally and automatically pass them down to all Domino printers on your production.

  • Design and manage labels at a single location: our intuitive label design system enables using a universal interface, keeping training needs at a minimum.
  • Easily manage users and their permissions: security features like Active Directory Integration enable using your existing IT network, and simplify user management.
  • Full audit trail for the management of production changes: version control provides the ability for approval and roll-back procedures.