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Founded in 1978, Domino has established a global reputation for the continual development and manufacture of its total coding and printing technologies that meet the needs of manufacturers and sets new industry standards in quality and reliability.

Domino India is leading supplier of coding solutions in the country. Our primary & secondary coding technologies find application in large and key areas of Industry segments which include: Food, Pharma & Healthcare, Dairy, Beverages, Paints & Chemicals, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Engineering, Breweries & Distilleries and a host of other industries.

We bring global expertise, in-depth domain knowledge and vast local industry experience to successfully cater to wide ranging coding needs across various industry segments. We offer   reliable products, innovative solutions and dependable services at the best possible value to our customers. Domino India has pan-India presence, to give caring support to our customers.


Articles from Domino Printech

Preparing for the 2D Code Sunrise with Digital QR Code Printing: A Converter Perspective

What are QR codes powered by GS1, and how can converters support their brand customers in exploring variable QR codes using digital printing technology? Nigel Allen, Marketing Manager 2D Codes, Domino, explores.


Domino Launches Solutions for Automated Product Printing and Label Verification

As legislation surrounding the labelling of consumer products becomes stricter, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in product identification operations has never been more important, but product printing errors due to inefficient processes and overreliance on human labour continue to be a significant issue.


Domino Celebrates Production of 1000th R-Series Machine Vision Inspection System

Domino Printing Sciences (Domino), the trusted global provider of complete variable data printing solutions, is celebrating a production milestone with Domino Group Company Lake Image Systems: shipping its 1000th R-Series machine vision inspection system.


Combatting Medical Device Counterfeits with 2D Codes – Taking Serialisation Beyond EU MDR Compliance

Medical devices are an extremely broad category, covering everything from bandages and personal protective equipment (PPE) to pacemakers and ventilators. The consequences of using counterfeit medical devices can also vary greatly, from sub-optimal performance or improper function to causing severe harm to end users.


Are you ready for the Food Safety Modernization Act 204?

Section 204 of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA 204), “Requirements for Additional Traceability Records for Certain Foods”, adds traceability record-keeping requirements for businesses that manufacture, process, pack, or hold certain high-risk food products.


Why Does Packaging Matter? How Ecommerce is Driving the Growth of Digital Printing for Packaging

Digital printing is a growing segment and is expected to account for almost a quarter of the global value of the print and printed packaging market by 2032 , but what is driving this growth? In this blog, we will explore how consumer trends are shaping the digital printed packaging industry and how ecommerce platforms are leading the way.


Dispelling the Myths of Digital Corrugated Printing

Ben Ginesi, European Sales Manager – Digital Corrugated Packaging at Domino, sets out to dispel some common misconceptions about digital corrugated printing.


Domino Opens New Print and Apply Knowledge Centre for Enhanced Customer Testing and Support

Domino Printing Sciences, the global expert in variable data printing solutions, is pleased to announce the opening of its new Print and Apply Knowledge Centre.


Capturing Consumer Feedback: Harnessing the Benefits of Smart Packaging in Product Development

Within a fast-paced retail market, brands need to support fast response times to capitalise on emerging trends, and capture real-time consumer feedback to quickly ascertain a product’s success. This is where variable data printing can make a real difference to new product development, as Russell Weller, Head of Product – DP Colour, Domino explains.


Domino Wins Global Change Awards for its Future-Ready Leadership

Domino Printing Sciences (Domino), the global expert in variable data printing, is proud to announce it has been awarded first place in the internationally recognised Change Awards’ ‘Future-Ready Leadership’ category, for its robust and sustainable approach to managing change across its entire business.


Overcoming Consumer Fatigue and Increasing Brand Relevance with QR codes Powered by GS1

Amidst growing consumer fatigue with ‘brand noise’ and a constantly evolving consumer value equation, brand owners must adjust how they communicate through accessible, relevant, and to-the-point content.


Design for Sustainability: Crafting More Sustainable Ecommerce Packaging

In the last few decades, amid increasing consumer and governmental concerns around the impact of packaging waste, large global brands have ramped up commitments to sustainability alongside new regulations necessitating changes to product packaging designs.


The Evolution of Packaging: Connecting with Consumers through Digital Content

In this blog, we delve into how packaging design has evolved to place consumer appeal front and centre, and how 100 years on, with technology at everyone’s fingertips, connected packaging features, such as QR codes, can take brand-consumer interaction to a new level.


Domino’s X630i Corrugated Press Delivers “Everyday Digital” Packaging Success for Independent II

Corrugated converter, Independent II, has praised Domino Printing Sciences as the ‘partner’ of choice for converters setting out on their digital printing journey. The recent installation of a Domino X630i digital corrugated press has allowed the company to offer profitable short- and medium-run market opportunities to its brand customers, facilitating new business innovation while maximising productivity and efficiency.


Domino Printing Sciences: Driving the Global Migration to 2D barcodes with GS1

Domino Printing Sciences , the global expert in variable data printing, is proud to support the industry’s transition to 2D barcodes as an innovation sponsor of the GS1 Global Forum 2024. The largest annual GS1 event, which takes place from 19th–22nd February in Brussels and virtually, brings together GS1 member organisations from across the globe to collaborate and discuss common issues and share best practices.