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Founded in 1978, Domino has established a global reputation for the continual development and manufacture of its total coding and printing technologies that meet the needs of manufacturers and sets new industry standards in quality and reliability.

Domino India is leading supplier of coding solutions in the country. Our primary & secondary coding technologies find application in large and key areas of Industry segments which include: Food, Pharma & Healthcare, Dairy, Beverages, Paints & Chemicals, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Engineering, Breweries & Distilleries and a host of other industries.

We bring global expertise, in-depth domain knowledge and vast local industry experience to successfully cater to wide ranging coding needs across various industry segments. We offer   reliable products, innovative solutions and dependable services at the best possible value to our customers. Domino India has pan-India presence, to give caring support to our customers.


Articles from Domino Printech

The EU MDR 2020: Deadline for Compliance

Bart Vansteenkiste, Global Life Sciences Sector Manager, Domino Printing Sciences, offers medical device manufacturers advice on how to make use of the time remaining.


Open Innovation: Developing Sustainable Solutions Through Collaboration

Open innovation is a mindset of being open to sharing and receiving information, and collaborating with individuals, businesses, and institutions, to drive progress on common objectives. It means sharing knowledge and information about problems and looking to those outside a single business or organisation for solutions and suggestions.


Domino Printing Sciences Showcases Sustainable Manufacturing Solutions at interpack

“The interpack show is an opportunity to share how our technology is helping to support manufacturers’ focus on waste reduction and energy efficiency through production optimisation,” says Adem Kulauzovic, Director of Automation, Domino. “Solutions for digital printing and coding and marking may not be the first things that spring to mind when an organisation thinks of efficiency in manufacturing. However, these solutions can play a surprisingly significant role in increasing accuracy and agility on production lines.”


Hello Bello Trusts Domino for Traceability Codes On ‘Premium for All’ Baby Products

Co-founded in 2019 by Hollywood celebrities Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, Hello Bello produces premium baby care products from a zero-waste manufacturing facility in Waco, Texas. With a clear goal to provide affordable products, that are both high-quality, and eco-friendly, Hello Bello has a strict regime for selecting equipment providers to ensure that only the highest quality solutions make it onto the manufacturing lines.


Domino Printing Sciences Demonstrates Key Causes of Hidden Manufacturing Waste at interpack 2023

Domino’s Waste Calculator is designed to highlight key areas where production line inefficiencies and errors can lead to excess physical and financial waste. It will also demonstrate the role that smart manufacturing solutions and integrated coding and marking technologies can play in helping manufacturers to target ‘zero’ waste on their production lines.


The Complete Guide to Labelless PET Bottles

Packaging should be simplified to help improve recyclability. Using easily recycled mono materials, removing colours and additives, and reducing the number of parts in a piece of packaging are all ways that brands can look to improve recyclability.


Domino to Showcase Solutions to Support Manufacturers on ‘Journey to Zero’ at interpack 2023

“We are very pleased to be returning to interpack after the show’s six-year hiatus, and are looking forward to welcoming visitors back to the Domino stand,” says Will Edwards, Director of Channels, Domino. “As a business, we are committed to helping manufacturers to be sustainable, and cut waste, and we are very excited to be able to demonstrate our range of solutions helping us to fulfil this goal and support our customers on their ‘Journey to Zero’.”


7 Tips to choose the right coding and marking partner

Successful projects require successful project management. While every project is different, and the level and type of management required in will vary between sectors and with different client requirements, there are certain principles which are universal. In this article we explore these principles.


The Role of Printing Inks in Improving the Recyclability of Flexible Plastic Packaging

While the lack of infrastructure is undoubtedly a contributing factor, there are other issues which make flexible plastics more challenging to recycle, including the quality of the collected material and its suitability for recycling, which can be affected by the inks and coatings used during production.


Pharmaceutical Serialisation – What’s Coming Down the Line?

Hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare providers are now realising the benefit of data in helping to protect patient safety. Consequently, pharmaceutical manufacturers are under pressure to provide greater levels of granular information on pharmaceutical products than current legislation requires.


Fighting Food Waste in Retail: Date Labels, Dynamic Pricing, and 2D Codes

Globally, we produce enough food to feed 10 billion people, yet hunger still exists. Each year, around 931 million tonnes of food is wasted following production and processing; of this, 569 million tonnes (61%) comes from households, and 118 million tonnes (13%) comes from retail .


Domino Enhances Environmental Strategy with New Appointment

Büttner will work with the senior leadership team to progress the company’s CSR strategy and take responsibility for assessing the lifecycle of Domino’s products.


Domino’s Top Six Blog Posts Of 2022

As we move forward into 2023, it’s interesting to look back at the themes that were most popular with our readers in the past year – read on for a roundup of our top six most-read posts from 2022.


Why Extraction is an Essential Part of Every Laser Installation

Have you ever wondered why installing an efficient extraction system on a production line is so important when using a scribing laser system to apply traceability codes? This blog answers your question.


Domino Printing Sciences New Vx-Series Printers Increase Efficiency in Flow Wrap Applications

Domino’s Next-Generation Thermal Transfer Overprinters Maximise Uptime and Ribbon Usage