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Sandeep Vadakattu has been working with Domino Printech India LLP since 2005. More than fifteen years of experience in Coding & Marking industry, with exposure to industries across different sectors helps him in providing deeper insights into coding technologies and their suitability for different industry applications.  He is currently working as General Manager - Sectors.

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Articles from Sandeep Vadakattu

Save Your Consumers from Spurious RO water filter Suppliers by Using Right Coding Technology

Why RO Manufacturers need to deal with Fake RO filter Suppliers immediately? The biggest challenge which is being faced by both consumers and RO manufacturers is SPURIOUS FILTERS. This problem has been plaguing this industry and almost all the leading manufacturers are struggling to arrest this problem.


Label Serialization: Choosing the correct coding technology for US DSCSA compliances

Medicines for the US market are predominantly packed in bottles, with statutory information printed on labels affixed to these bottles. As Pharmaceutical manufacturers are gearing up to meet the DSCSA (Drug Supply Chain Security Act, section 582(b)(2)(A) we have made a comprehensive study to help them in choosing the most suitable