Save Your Consumers from Spurious RO water filter Suppliers by Using Right Coding Technology

  • By Sandeep Vadakattu
  • June 29, 2020
  • Industrial
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Adoption of RO purifiers have been very steep in the last decade, with large number of households adopting this technology for having safe drinking water.

The Global Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane market accounted for INR 19,200 crores ($2.54 billion) in 2018 and is expected to reach INR 56,000 Crores ($7.44 billion) by 2027 growing at a CAGR of 12.7% during the forecast period.

Transparency Market Research’s forecast says that the Indian water purifier market will be worth INR 31,000 Crores ($4.1 billion) by 2024. 

Why RO Manufacturers need to deal with Fake RO filter Suppliers immediately?

The biggest challenge which is being faced by both consumers and RO manufacturers is SPURIOUS FILTERS. This problem has been plaguing this industry and almost all the leading manufacturers are struggling to arrest this problem. There were several news articles about Police raids being conducted on various stores and seizing duplicate filters.

The spurious filters can be dangerous leading to Poor quality of water, which can lead to avoidable diseases and immense suffering of consumers and their families.

Further the brand image of RO manufacturers can take a huge hit. Consumers associate with quality of water to RO manufacturer and not the spurious filter in the system.

spurious filters

How RO Purifiers companies can easily protect the consumers from Fake filter manufacturers by just adopting right technology?

water filter qr code

To address this menace, we have partnered with one of the leading Track & Trace technology (TNT) company to develop a unique solution. This helps consumers to check the authenticity of the filters using their smart phones.  

Unique codes generated by our TNT partner are sent to Domino lasers . Domino laser converts the unique codes into QR codes.

These unique QR codes are printed on the filters. QR codes printed with laser are permanent and cannot be tampered. Further, these are easily scannable with a mobile phone camera and serves two purposes.

  1. Consumer Authentication: The filters QR code can be checked by the consumer for authenticity. It helps in ensuring the right filter is being fitted into the RO system.
  2. Manufacturers Authentication: The filters QR code is read by the service engineer of RO manufacturers. This code is authenticated and gets captured in the ERP system of RO manufacturers. This will help in ensuring authentic filters are being delivered to consumers and will also help to remind customers for replacement at suitable time intervals.
qr code on water filter

Is it a proven solution?

One of the leading RO manufacturers has adopted our solution. It has been acknowledged that the spurious filter supplies of their brand in the market have reduced substantially due to the solution adopted.

Their consumers are protected from ill effects of duplicate filters which is helping in protecting the brand image built over years. It also has substantially improved their replacement filter business leading to quick returns on their investment.

Why Domino?

Domino is global leader in the coding & marking industry. Over and above the expertise of lasers, deep knowledge of laser - material interaction enables customers benefit by partnering with Domino.

State of Art Laser laboratory with wide range of lasers, verifiers and speed simulating handling system helps to test the solution before suggesting to manufacturers.

If you are looking to protect your customers from spurious suppliers, contact us to know how we can be of help to you. Our experts are reachable on


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