How festive product packaging boosts sales

  • By Chris Thorpe
  • December 16, 2015
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Varying the size of your product

This trend is particularly popular in the food industry. Take chocolate bar manufacturers, for instance. As the time comes for consumers to host dinner parties and make merry with their nearest and dearest, so shop shelves fill with giant-size versions of popular chocolate bars and sweets.

Switching up the size of your product allows you to cater for a greater range of consumer tastes. Of course resizing isn’t viable for certain products. But if it’s possible - and you have the flexibility when it comes to the production of your goods and your packaging - you may well be able to tap new markets.

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Release some creativity

Getting creative with your packaging is a great way to enhance sales. It draws customers in, brings a level of excitement to your brand and adds a feeling of exclusivity to your product. It’s a technique that’s been used by countless brands before - from Coca-Cola’s 2012 Olympics-themed bottles to Mac Cosmetics’ Disney Villains collection. Then there was Absolut Vodka’s award-winning (and absolutely stunning) Unique Edition collection.

When you bring clout and personality to your packaging - or tie in with a popular trend (such as Christmas), you have the opportunity to transform customer engagement. Just ask Hershey. The global confectionary giant owns more than 80 brands and has more than $7.4 billion annual revenue. They cite creative packaging and novelty items as a major growth driver.

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Christmas waste and sustainable packaging

Britain produces the equivalent weight of 245 jumbo jets in packaging waste every week. And while up to 60% is recycled, the festive season still puts a major strain on landfill facilities - not least because we get rid of 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year. As Britain becomes more eco-conscious, consumers are looking for packaging that is sustainably produced and easy to recycle. Shouting about it is a good thing - and it can be as simple as an on-pack message.

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Highlight a cause you are supporting

Cause marketing is a powerful thing. Research into the buying habits of Generation Y has shown that almost 50% of millennials would be more likely to make a purchase from a company if they were helping to support a charitable cause. Meanwhile 37% said they wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for a product if it meant supporting a cause they identified with.

How can you use this to your advantage? Identify a charity you would like to support and get philanthropic. It worked for Campbell’s Soup. Eager to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the soup giant reimagined their packaging to align with the Breast Cancer Awareness branding. The result? Campbell’s Soup’s limited edition pink and white labelled cans helped to double sales with their biggest grocery customers.

To wrap up...

They say variety is the spice of life. But it could be great for your bottom line too. Getting creative with your packaging boosts brand exposure, engages customers and leads to new selling opportunities. And the good news is that advances in digital printing technology mean that the power of variable packaging is now available to small businesses, rather than being the preserve of big brands with deep pockets. What could festive-themed packaging do for your business?

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