7 ways the Gx-Series transforms coding and marking

  • By Alex Mountis
  • July 01, 2021
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Meet the revolutionary TIJ coder that will propel your coding and marking operations into the Industry 4.0 era and transform your efficiency.

Introducing Domino’s Gx-Series

Domino Printing Sciences has created a series of highly advanced TIJ coders that are easy to use, flexible and – most importantly – Industry 4.0 ready. The Gx-Series was rigorously trialled, tested and tweaked in collaboration with Domino OEM customers in real production environments. We are confident that it can be transformative for any manufacturer seeking code clarity, speed, and complete reliability from their coding and marking operations.

Here are seven ways the Gx-Series could transform your coding and marking operations.

This article is taken from our latest eGuide: Coding innovations for an Industry 4.0 environment. The eGuide reveals how engineers and production managers in FMCG sectors can prepare for the future and drive maximum benefit from the coding and marking landscape of tomorrow. The eGuide is currently free to download on our website.

1. Clear codes that go the distance

The Gx-Series produces clear, high-contrast codes. Operating at speeds of up to 300m/min, you can expect rub-, smudge- and scratch-resistant codes that withstand handling, transport and post-print processes. Adjustable DPI settings and ink saving options give you the flexibility to adjust code quality and increase prints per cartridge.

2. Flexible code formats and full compliance

The Gx-Series is ideal not only for batch and date coding but also for complex code formats, item-level serialisation, 2D Data Matrices, check weighing and track and trace coding. The printers are adherent to Dynamark – our nominal TCP protocol – including audit trail with comprehensive user administration and optional validation documentation.

3. Multiple print heads, multiple possibilities

The Gx-Series supports up to four print heads, which can be placed up to 25m from the controller. That makes it easy to service multiple production lines or to code each line item from multiple sides, simultaneously. Alternatively, the print heads can be stitched together to facilitate print heights of up to 50.8mm.

4. Easy to integrate

The Gx-Series printers have a remarkably small footprint, ideal for tight production environments. The print heads benefit from the availability of top, front and back connections. We can also offer flexible mounting options. The Gx-OEM controller is specifically designed for complete machine integration and integration in control cabinets.

5. Easy to use

With a modern user interface displayed on a 7- or 10-inch touchscreen, using the Gx-Series is as simple as using a tablet. The interface includes a label editor and can be accessed via the touchscreen or remotely via a web browser. And with multi-language support, nothing gets lost in translation. Coding automation is also supported, allowing you to connect to your ERP or MES systems to populate data and control changeovers.

6. Easy to maintain maximum uptime

The maintenance-free print heads are equipped with LED status signals to show which cartridges need changing. Thanks to Domino’s AutoSwap technology, you can change cartridges when convenient while printing, with no interruption to production.  

7. Easy to optimise efficiency

The Domino Cloud setup automatically enables you to generate OEE calculations and printer usage charges. You can see print count statistics, print run rates and ink consumption. You will even receive insights on line improvement and lean manufacturing initiatives. It’s like having an expert consultant on your team, on-demand whenever you need them.

“The Gx-Series printers are designed to seamlessly integrate with production lines. We have created a product range with a small footprint, with an optimised option for OEMs, and with a variety of communication protocols.” - Alex Mountis, Thermal Inkjet Product Manager, Domino

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