What does this policy cover?

As a business operating across many countries, Domino needs to comply with the law of every country we do business in. Domino employees will comply with all of those laws, and always act with honesty, fairness and integrity. 

Most ethical questions can be resolved by taking time to consider whether we are acting fairly and honestly towards customers, suppliers, fellow employees, and the general public.

What are our obligations?

We have a responsibility to deal ethically with our customers and suppliers, employees and the general public. It is not enough to just avoid unethical conduct; we will always treat people that we come into contact with during the course of business with honesty, equality, respect and integrity.

Bribery and Corruption

Receiving gifts, hospitality and financial incentives

All business decisions will be made impartially and fairly, and not on the basis of gifts, gratuities or hospitality offered. Neither Domino, nor its employees, will solicit or receive favours, gifts, hospitality, loans (or other financial incentives) or other benefits (including services and discounts as well as material goods) from any supplier, customer or competitor which influence their judgment.

Giving gifts, hospitality and financial incentives

Neither Domino, nor its employees will use gifts and/or hospitality with the intention of persuading anyone to act improperly or to influence a public official in the performance of his or her duties.

The only payments Domino makes to third parties are for goods and services properly provided to Domino, or for legitimate charitable donations. Domino will not make any payment (either direct or indirect) to secure or maintain business, or for any other purpose to any government employee or the personnel of any customer, supplier or competitor.

Facilitation payments and kickbacks

Domino does not make, and will not accept, facilitation payments or “kickbacks” of any kind.


Domino does not make contributions to political parties. We only make charitable donations that are legal and ethical under local laws and practices.

Ethical and respectable business practices

Marketing practices

Domino will comply with all applicable standards of advertising and will not use marketing that is misleading or inaccurate.  Advertising will always be in good taste.  All claims made in advertisements will be fully supported by the necessary evidence.

Competition law

Domino will comply with all competition and trade laws.  All Domino customers will be treated fairly and even-handedly, and no preferential trade terms or other treatment will be extended to any customer in violation of any law. Domino absolutely prohibits consultations or any other engagement with competitors regarding prices, customers or territories.

Environmental protection

Domino believes that everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment and human health. No individual employed by Domino will knowingly buy for use at Domino, or dispose of, other than in accordance with the law, any chemical or other substance which is illegal.

Reporting practices and financial information

Domino will record and report all necessary information, including accounting records promptly, accurately and in a complete format. All records will be retained as necessary.

All accounts and records should conform to accepted accounting principles and to all applicable laws and regulations.

Product integrity

Strict product integrity is necessary for Domino to achieve its quality objectives and to maintain its reputation for quality products. Domino will never wilfully conceal defective work or material, falsify records or make false certification or claims regarding its products.

Health and safety

Domino is committed to zero major incidents by promoting a culture of H&S engagement, hazard & risk reduction and continuous improvement. 
This commitment is supported by (but not limited to):

  • Complying with local legislation and following all applicable requirements of our customers 
  • Encouraging all employees to report incidents, dangerous occurrences and opportunities for improvement 
  • Implementing an effective Group H&S Management System to enable sharing of information and best practice
  • Providing employees with information, training, instruction and supervision to enable them to conduct their work safely

This, and other commitments to the management of Occupational Health & Safety are documented within our Occupational Health & Safety Policy Statement. 

Human rights and ethical trading

Domino is committed to human rights and ethical trading in its business activities and employment practices.

Domino will comply with all local laws and regulations, instructions of competent authorities or appropriate local industry practices in relation to working conditions, including hours, wages and benefits (including minimum wages) and overtime hours.

Domino does not tolerate or engage in illegal labour practices, in particular we do not:

  • knowingly employ persons under 16 years old;
  • use forced labour or involuntary prison labour;
  • require anyone to hand over government-issued identification, passports, or work permits to Domino as a condition of employment (except temporary handover for identification confirmation or government formalities);
  • knowingly employ any persons below the age for completing compulsory schooling in accordance with local laws.

Robert Pulford

CEO, Domino Printing Sciences plc

Updated:  17 June 2020