Large Character Inkjet Printer for your secondary packaging

High resolution large character inkjet printer from Domino Unlock the power of direct box coding with the Cx350i
Cx350i-remote-head-printing-on-incline Vertical large character printing

What is Large Character Inkjet Printing from Domino?

Large Character Inkjet Printing is done by Piezo Inkjet Printer and is Drop on Demand technology. Domino Cx350i print high resolution codes upto 65 mm print height. With this technology, the application of label and manpower associated is saved and printing is done online directly on corrugated boxes.

This DOD large character printer are cost effective alternate to labels and pre-printed boxes. The large character printer can print on various substrates like paper, card, wood, boxes, plywood, carton, corrugated box, cases.

It gives consistent print quality on porous substrates and secondary packaging materials. The printer is highly reliable, robust, economical, high uptime, easily ink cartridge change process without production stoppage and it uses unique vegetable-based oil ink that are more sustainable and environment friendly.

Simply it is case coding, piezo inkjet, drop on demand, high resolution printer from Domino, your coding partner.


Looking for high-quality box coding without hassle or regular intervention?

Meet the Cx350i Piezo Inkjet. The high-resolution, large character printer designed to support your business goals relating to productivity, environment and running cost.

Domino's drop on demand (DOD) piezo inkjet (PIJ) printer features two high-resolution stainless steel printhead options which deliver consistent, high-contrast 1D and 2D barcodes*, brand logos, traceability and product batch information onto porous secondary packaging boxes and cases. 

The Cx350i is a great alternative to label printing for cardboard, corrugate, paper box and carton applications. Direct box coding with the Cx350i can significantly reduce your environmental footprint. No factory air is needed and no label waste is created - only vegetable-oil based inks delivered in small drops to make great codes.

The Cx350i is designed to minimize and simplify operator interaction with an intuitive user interface that makes adjusting settings and modifying layouts quick and easy. The printer has a large-volume ink supply and improved print accuracy, which means less intervention.

Optimized for efficiency, developed to improve your operation

To optimize running costs the ink is delivered in smaller, higher-contrast ink drops. The print resolution is optimized to ensure the best possible code quality at lowest ink usage for large character printing.

Industry 4.0 connectivity enables 24/7 device visibility in the cloud, as well as integration to PLC and MES/ERP systems for full automation, making Cx350i a great choice to support your business goals today and in future.

The Cx350i in a nutshell:

  • Big on code quality – up to grade-A† 1D and 2D barcodes (including GS1-128, GTIN-14)*, graphics, product batch information and serialized data for traceability
  • Cost-effective – less stock and waste from pre-printed boxes and labels; adjustable print resolution for best code quality at lowest ink consumption
  • Code accuracy – integration with coding automation software, barcode scanner and vision control systems
  • Industry 4.0 ready – range of connectivity options including standard interfaces like Ethernet/IP™, automation solutions for integration into factory MES and ERP systems, Domino Cloud enables 24/7 visibility of the printer’s performance
  • Big on usability – simple operation using Domino’s intuitive QuickStep touchscreen UI; large-volume ink supply increases uptime; no line stops for ink replenishment; free from regular maintenance, with no factory air or filters

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*application dependent, based on ISO 15416

† Capable of Grade A codes on white porous substrates