Print and Apply Labelling

Flexible, Reliable and Robust Print and Apply Labelling (PALM) technology

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Feature comparison

Label Position Top, Bottom or Side Top, Bottom or Side Front, Rear, Side or Top
Applicator type Tamp (Linear) Tamp/Blow (Linear) Tamp (Swing)
Product motion Moving or Stationary Moving or Stationary Moving
Product contact Yes No Yes
Typical labels per minute 60 80 55
Recommended label sizes 25x15mm to 150x210mm 50x30mm to 150x100mm 25x15mm to 150x210
Distance to product 10 - 560mm 10-330mm 10-360mm
Easy-change pads
Label Check
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Print and Apply Labelling for all your label application needs

  • Easily integrated into your production line, our range of Print and Apply Labelling (PALM) systems are reliable, flexible, robust and can be configured for a wide range of applications.
  • Whether a label is to be applied on the front of individual products, on the top of a tray, or over the corner of a bundle package, the same fundamental requirements for traceability, legibility and clarity apply.
  • This technology utilises the online printing and application on the product or case and is also known by various other names like Sticker Labeling machine, Barcode applicator, Label applicator machine, label machine, product label applicator
  • The M-Series Print and Apply machines come with a wide range of standard or customised applicators to accommodate all your labelling needs. And together with a robust printer with 600m ribbon and label rolls, they will provide clear codes on perfectly placed labels wherever needed.
  • Across the entire M230i Print and Apply labelling range, we've incorporated features that make it easy and safe to operate, delivering reliable solutions which help to provide you with increased uptime and productivity.

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Large character printer Cx350i can be the right choice for customers who wants direct printing onto Carton.

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