Introducing the M230i-P150

Pallet labelling innovation that easily integrates into your production line

Flexible, safe and reliable, the M230i-P150 Pallet Labeller comes with variety of features that will increase your productivity and provide years of trouble-free use. Available in rugged stainless steel or aluminium, it is compact, sturdy, easy to integrate and is suitable for either a new facility or installing into your existing production line. With its innovative design, it can print on either one, two or three sides of the pallet, giving you the flexibility you need. And with our powerful software packages, that come with full support during the design and implementation phases of the project, you can be assured that this is a labelling solution exactly right for you.

M230i-PalletLabeller-thumbDesigned for your needs

With options like aluminium or stainless steel cabinet, left or right handed operation, different climate kits to ensure a perfect labelling climate and integrated check scanner and TouchPanel, you can easily configure a unit especially for your needs.