Domino and Firestone Walker Brew Success

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Firestone Walker thrilled with success of Domino’s D320i Laser and A420i Continuous Inkjet printer


Firestone Walker Brewing Company, based in Paso Robles, California, is renowned on the Central Coast for its award-winning pale ales and barrel-aged beers. With seventeen core brands, Firestone Walker sells an amount equivalent to 3.5 million cases annually. In the last nine years, the company has almost quadrupled in size and is projected to double in size within the next two years. Firestone Walker Packaging Manager Will Crosby attributes the success of the company to building a trusting relationship with their consumers by delivering the freshest brew possible.

Three years ago, the company decided that displaying clear, legible and permanent date codes on all packaging was vital. The comprehensive printing and coding system needed to meet their diverse set of demands within the three major high-speed production lines of bottles, kegs and cans. This required it to be easily implemented and maintained without compromising on the optimal speed of the production line, and able to withstand the challenging conditions with harsh washdowns necessary to clean brewing equipment. After researching available printing options, Firestone Walker found that Domino offered the highest quality, best value and most reliable inkjet laser solution perfectly suited to their needs. 

“One of the most critical elements to packaging is the date codes. It’s our commitment to show full visibility of when the beer was packaged and to ensure that customers are receiving the freshest product on the market.” Firestone Walker Packaging Manager Will Crosby

“We have a great service technician who is here whenever we need him. He does 2,000-hour preventative maintenances and those keep us from having downtime.”

Will Crosby

Proving a successful partnership is more than simply an exchange of money and goods, Crosby iterates that good relationships are pivotal to a successful business.

“I think the other guys make okay printers, but if they can’t service them and provide me with that same support, with someone that I get along with, who does a really good job for us… I’m really not interested. This business—in the same way as the beer business—is about relationships. I’ve got a great relationship with Domino. Thanks, Domino!”

Good relations

Firestone Walker installed Domino’s D320i Laser and A420i continuous inkjet printer to unprecedented results, allowing production lines to run continuously. The D320i, installed to code bottle labels and cartons, features a scribing laser which is able to apply permanent codes to a variety of materials at the high speeds necessary for this kind of production line. It can produce unlimited lines of text in any orientation in a variety of fonts and sizes ideal for consumer readability. The laser is controlled either by an intuitive remote TouchPanel, or by a web-based interface from any industrial PC. On their can lines, Firestone Walker installed Domino’s A420i Continuous inkjet printer. Offering the lowest total cost of ownership of any inkjet printer, the A420i includes the new intelligent Technology i-Tech, a service-free ink system that delivers ultra-low makeup usage, as well as reducing costs and operator intervention.

“Since switching to the Domino lasers on the date coding of bottles, we’ve had almost no downtime due to date coding equipment. They just run. They run smoothly. They run well. They run all day, They don’t stop…Which is what I care about.”


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