Domino’s Ax-Series and Blini are Rewriting the Rules of Reliably Coding Food Products!

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Blini brand spreads enjoy a robust 70% market share in France—and they choose Domino’s Ax-Series to ensure their popular products are fresh and secure. 


Blini products can be found in the seafood section of fine supermarkets as well as in the frozen food aisle. The company is constantly searching for new recipes to improve and enhance their customers’ hors d'oeuvre buffets. Blini brand spreads promise pleasure, quality and authenticity in their products—and they look for the same quality in their technology partners.

Franck Peretti, Workshop Leader at Blini Workshop explains, "We're the leaders of Blini brand spreads, we represent 70% of the market with 8,400 tons produced per year… 80% of products are distributed in France. We work with Domino for several reasons, primarily good after-sales service, proximity and quality of the product lines."


Blini is a family company of artisan caterers founded in Normandy in 1980. Blini initially specialized in blinis, small thick pancakes popular in Russia. To garnish their blinis, the brand developed spreads using original Mediterranean recipes such as tarama and tzatziki, and added a touch of creativity. Today Blini has improved its recipes and broadened its range of products while always focusing on hors d'oeuvres and their desire to inspire consumers’ discovery of new flavours.

"I would recommend Domino for the quality of their service … and their technology!"

Franck Peretti, Workshop Manager at Vini, Blini Workshop

New Inks, New Capabilities

The Ax350i utilises new, highly reliable i-Pulse™ inks. These advanced inks—designed for even the most demanding applications—easily adhere, even after harsh post-print processes. That's important to a company such as Blini, with a large number of temperature sensitive products. "We have production lines that code up to 10,000 times an hour. It's important that our equipment is reliable in order to guarantee the quality of the marking and the traceability of our products," said Hubert Lavatine, Spreadable Workshop Manager at Blini.


i-Pulse™ Print Head & Inks

The perfect drop—it’s fundamental to producing consistently great quality codes:

  • 9 drop quality at 7 drop speeds
  • Perfect drop creation and placement resulting in producing highly reliable Machine Readable Codes (MRC)
  • Better drop management equals cleaner printheads (go significantly longer between cleanings)
  • Faster, more consistent codes!


Reliable, Clear Codes

According to Mr. Lavatine, "The Domino products bring us the simplicity of the equipment and the reliability that is important to us." The Ax350i is designed to be reliable and to specifically handle the rigour of serialised coding. It offers high-resolution print messages and multiple line codes, even at the fastest print speeds, allowing large amounts of data for rapid throughput printing. Higher quality codes are optimised for Machine Readable Codes (MRC) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems, helping to reduce rejects.

Easy Integration

For smooth integration into a production line, the Ax-Series supports leading industrial communication protocols simplifying installation and automation online. Ax-Series printers can be integrated into networked printer systems providing centralised code templates for error-free coding and integration onto existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Simple Production Line Integration:

  • Easy-to-use remote touch screen that can be mounted where it best serves operators
  • Hide the heavy duty wash-down cabinet, out of the way
  • 316 Stainless Steel, IP66—built for quality and reliability, even in the harshest environments
ITM itech module of Ax-Series

Intelligent, Innovative Technology

Mr. Peretti stated, “We are always looking for new technologies… this is part of our Blini values… and we are always looking for cost reduction.”

The Ax350i meets both those goals. Easy to integrate and configure and highly productive, the Ax350i promises years of service-free operation. It supports ink for all substrates, offers easy-change consumables and convenient modular stackability. The Ax-Series also includes i-Techx that offers users an experience like a smartphone, taking only minutes to learn and is customisable allowing prioritisation of the most used tasks.

"Previously, when we changed inks, we had to enter the code from the screen; now it's done automatically with a chip. What's also of benefit to the operators is the ease of use… of the touch-sensitive screen, which makes it simple to use," said Mr. Lavatine.

Mr. Peretti added, "I would recommend Domino for the quality of their service... and their technology!"


Rewriting the Relationship

Mr. Peretti enthusiastically seconds the recommendation, "I would recommend this new Domino printer... because the equipment is reliable, useful and easy to use for our operators!"

Code quality


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