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Domino North America is a leading manufacturer and distributor of coding, marking and digital industrial printing solutions. Celebrating over 35 years in business, our parent company, Domino Printing, is a global organization headquartered in the UK, with 25 subsidiaries, more than 200 distributors, representation in over 120 countries, and over 3,000 employees worldwide.

U.S. headquarters are located in Gurnee, IL.

Articles from Domino North America

Cracking Chestny ZNAK: Domino Unlocks Russian Crypto Code for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Domino Printing Sciences (Domino) is helping its pharmaceutical industry customers reduce waste and improve compliance with Russia’s Chestny ZNAK crypto code legislation, through optimization to its high-speed Gx-Series thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers.


Why do Vaccine Manufacturers Put their TRUST in Domino?

Domino could not be more proud to be the preferred providing of coding technologies for the top global vaccine manufacturers. Nor do we take this role lightly. We understand how critical it is in bringing peace of mind and reassurance to these manufacturers, through to the end users themselves.


Domino North America is awarded the 2021 Accolade of “Best Places to Work in Illinois”

Domino North America was recently named as one of the 2021 Best Places to Work in Illinois. This is Domino’s sixth acknowledgement, in the Medium employer category (100-399 U.S. employees).


Introducing the Cx350i Domino’s New Worry-Free Inkjet Solution for Printing on Secondary Packaging

Domino Printing Sciences (Domino) is pleased to announce the launch of the new Cx350i – a state-of-the-art piezo inkjet (PIJ) printer set to remove the worry and stress involved in outer case coding and give manufacturers a real alternative to the higher costs and material waste of labeling.


Domino is excited to be a part of the PMMI ProSource Directory

ProSource is the newest brainchild from PMMI. This online directory of packaging and processing technology suppliers in North America connects buyers to the right machinery, materials and services, and Domino is proud to be a part of this exciting new directory.


Domino's New Augmented Reality Visual Support Application Seeks to Cut Customer Downtime

Domino Printing Sciences (Domino) has today announced the launch of a new augmented reality (AR) tool – SafeGuard AR – to provide real-time, remote visual support for customers around the world. The new application promises to strengthen Domino’s service capabilities, with customers looking to benefit from quick and efficient production line fixes, reducing the need for onsite visits.


Domino North America welcomes a new Director of Marketing

Domino North America is excited to announce the appointment of Nikki Johnson as Director of Marketing, bringing an entire new level of depth and understanding to the packaging industry.


Achieving an Agile Supply Chain

Supply chain resilience has never been more important. Global markets are apt to change at a moment’s notice, often a result of dramatic shifts in consumer demand and availability of products – as can be seen most recently, in the restriction in component supply due to global lockdown.


Accelerating the Digitalization of Supply Chains: Managing Brand Risk, Enhancing the Consumer Experience, and Removing Defects

Rob Peacham, Global Account Manager at Domino Printing Sciences, explains the journey that forward thinking organisations are embarking on to deploy coding and marking at the heart of fully connected supply chains.


Domino's Convergence of Digital Printing and Coding

With a universe of choices, tempting customers to choose your product from the shelf has never been more difficult – or more exciting. In a digital world, the right brand image is fundamental to attracting and retaining customers.


COVID-19 and Manufacturing: Overcoming Production Challenges with Industry 4.0

Over the past few year, COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we live and work. Today, organizations of all kinds are being forced to abandon traditional processes and find new ways of working in order to remain operational – and many have turned to technology to make this possible.


The world needs PPE now more than ever. Domino plays a part. See how in this new video

We all have a part to play in staying safe... do you know ours?


Introducing Enhanced Remote Visual Assistance with the Addition of Augmented Reality

In these tumultuous and uncertain times in the wake of COVID-19 the one thing you CAN be certain about, is the support from Domino. We are excited to share in the news of our enhanced remote service options, utilizing Augmented Reality, to further support our customers.


Which Batch Coding Machine is Best for Your Business?

Overwhelmed by the wealth of Batch Coding Machine technologies available? If so, Domino North America is here to help. Read about the most efficient and cost-effective Batch Coding solutions for your company.


Domino unveils a series of QuickDesign Application Videos

Enjoy the videos series of 4 application overviews showcasing the top 4 challenges experienced in manufacturing today, and how Domino's QuickDesign software can resolve these inefficiencies.