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Domino PackExpo International Presentation Schedule

See Domino North America's entire roster of Presentations at PackExpo International 2022, from presentations about Sustainability and Reduction of Waste to Material Science. These discussions will be taking place at Pack Expo, Booth S-3506. For a reminder, email


Five Manufacturing Challenges and How to Overcome Them: Preparing for the Future of Work

The manufacturing industry has suffered significant challenges over the past few years. Manufacturing supply chain issues, increasing labor shortages, pressures of COVID-19, and ongoing global political upheavals have created a very challenging and uncertain economic outlook.


Serialization beyond Compliance: The Gateway to Competitive Differentiation

Through the process of product serialisation, brands can allocate a unique identity to each saleable product item. This identity is typically contained within a machine-readable 2D code, such as a Data Matrix or QR code.


Design For Sustainability: Embracing Reusable and Refillable Packaging

The reuse economy is booming, with more and more brands exploring how to adopt reusable and refillable packaging while still bringing consumers the quality and service they expect – in-store, at home, and online.


The evolution of product labeling: new trends in sustainability

Today, consumers increasingly look to product packaging to find information about brands’ ethical and eco-credentials. Indeed, with an ever-increasing global focus on sustainability, many companies are now exploring new product labeling initiatives which focus specifically on a product’s environmental footprint.


Delivering The Unboxing Experience: The New Ecommerce Consumer Differential

Today, as businesses consider the next steps within ecommerce, one area that is garnering particular attention is packaging – and in particular how brands can use their ecommerce packaging to delight consumers, and provide a differential shopping experience that drives engagement and long-term brand loyalty.


How Employee Health and Wellbeing is Key to Achieving Operational Excellence

In light of the dual pressure of both performance and pandemic, we knew we needed to protect not just the health but also the happiness of our employees, all while maintaining best practice in our manufacturing operations.


Pneumatic Vs. Electric Labeling Showdown: Which Label Applicator technology is better for you?

When it comes to the choice of pneumatic, electric labeler, or a hybrid labeling solution, it is often perceived that electric is the most modern and the best way to drive efficiency. But is that really the best option? This blog will focus on the core elements of the print and apply process and how the two different methods vary.


Printer Validation Packs: Don’t Leave Compliance to Chance

In today’s supply chain, the printer is arguably the final key element in the validation process – and with regulatory complexity increasing – not to mention industry-wide moves towards just-in-time production processes, no organization can afford to omit this final stage of compliance.


The New Outcome-Focused World of Manufacturing

With demand on manufacturing environments more unpredictable than ever before, Andy Barrett, Domino Printing Sciences, outlines how smart, connected services can be used to drive efficiencies and provide insight to inform decision-making that ensures competitiveness, while improving performance and profits.


What problems can arise in your pallet coding process?

Pallet coding is the vital process of labeling your tertiary packaging with two or more barcodes for traceability as products move through the supply chain. What problems and inefficiencies can happen in such a crucial process? We'll tell you & how to overcome those issues here.


Achieving an Agile Supply Chain

Supply chain resilience has never been more important. Global markets are apt to change at a moment’s notice, often a result of dramatic shifts in consumer demand and availability of products – as can be seen most recently, in the restriction in component supply due to global lockdown.


Accelerating the Digitalization of Supply Chains: Managing Brand Risk, Enhancing the Consumer Experience, and Removing Defects

Rob Peacham, Global Account Manager at Domino Printing Sciences, explains the journey that forward thinking organisations are embarking on to deploy coding and marking at the heart of fully connected supply chains.


Domino's Convergence of Digital Printing and Coding

With a universe of choices, tempting customers to choose your product from the shelf has never been more difficult – or more exciting. In a digital world, the right brand image is fundamental to attracting and retaining customers.


The Many Ways Domino Supports You During COVID-19

Domino is committed to keeping employees and customers safe, while providing the best possible products and services during unprecedented circumstances.