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  • By Bart Vansteenkiste
  • October 16, 2012
  • Life Sciences
  • Pharmaceuticals
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The pharmaceutical sector is facing its greatest challenge to date; how to reduce the number of counterfeit and falsified medicines entering the legitimate supply chain. Practically this means that pharmaceutical manufacturers will be required to comply with different legislation depending on the markets in which its products are sold. The theme common amongst both current and emerging legislation is a move to item level identification and an increased focus on the products data record. Unique, non-predictive serial numbers will be applied to product in the form of a code containing machine and human readable elements.

Legislation aimed at ensuring product integrity is now forthcoming in many markets including South Korea, Brazil, Russia and the Middle-East. Domino is the coding partner of choice for serialisation and track and trace projects currently being undertaken around the globe. Bart Vansteenkiste, Global Sector Manager – Life Sciences

Why Domino?

Domino has extensive experience in developing and manufacturing legislative compliant coding solutions for the pharmaceutical sector. Recognising the challenge to manufacturers in complying with emerging global legislation Domino employs dedicated legal, validation and global standards specialists. Technology meets the demanding requirements of high speed serialisation lines whilst ensuring code quality, high OEE and maximum uptime.

Suggested products?

For high-speed serialisation onto primary packaging our Thermal Ink Jet, Laser and Thermal Transfer Overlay products are best in class. For aggregation and coding onto secondary and tertiary packaging our Print and apply Labeller or Thermal Transfer Overlay printers are the technologies of choice. 

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