3 powerful reasons to automate keg labeling

  • September 08, 2015
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Manually labeling kegs and casks is not only time-consuming, it's open to human error. That's why we have developed an print and apply system that automates the process. The label includes a barcode for traceability and makes it easy for you to provide landlords with mandatory best-before information and product descriptions.

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Remove your business from a £50 million problem

The initial expense of new kegs is negated by their functionality. Once you have one, it can be used again and again. The trouble is, kegs go missing. The British Beer & Pub Association states that the loss and misuse of kegs and casks costs the beer industry in excess of $70 million USD each year. A new aluminum or stainless steel keg/cask with extractor tubes and snapcaps can easily cost upwards of $140.

Our system automates traceability to improve keg and cask retention, helping to keep your costs in check. And that’s just the start. Automating the labeling process allows you to redeploy staff to other areas of your business, cutting labor costs. All of these uses of the technology makes for a strong ROI.

Increase your profitability

Efficiency and profitably are intrinsically linked. Increase the former and the latter normally follows suit. Our print and apply labeling technology is ready when you are – capable of being fully operational 24/7/365. The speed and ease of labeling means you can dramatically increase your production line efficiency.

So how does it work?

The labeler is mounted above the keg conveyer. Compact design and a small footprint means it can fit into the tightest of operational environments; no need for expensive modifications to your existing setup. Add in predictable operating costs and consumables usage and you have the power to take your operational efficiency to a whole new level.

Built to last

We have built the keg labeler to be as future-proof as possible. The robust construction is compatible with wet environments where harsh wash-downs are often necessary. For unusually hot or cold operating environments, climate kits are available. And our QuickDesign software makes it easy to apply brewery logos, barcodes, text and other regulatory information to the label. Rebrand? New product line? You can design and redesign your labels in a snap.


For more information, we have a short brochure on Print and Apply Keg Labeling.


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