How to reduce a continuous ink jet printer's total cost

  • By Eric Corzine
  • July 28, 2017
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To assess a continuous inkjet printer’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), you’ll need to combine:

  • The price of the printer
  • Its maintenance needs
  • Its cost per print
  • Any time-saving features
  • Its reliability
  • The support provided

Hidden costs of printing

It is easy to forget the many costs that’ll add up over a printer’s lifetime. The elements below should be considered when determining the true cost of your coding requirements:

  • Efficiency – reliability and true availability of the printer you are investing in
  • Efficiency – what is the typical makeup use of the printer you are considering? What other energy-efficient features are available?
  • Ease of use – your operators’ time is valuable, so you want to keep any training or consumable changeover times at a minimum
  • Ease of use – is the user interface compatible with any other printers? How intuitive is it?
  • Flexibility – how easily can the solution meet special coding or project requirements, now and in the future?

    Factors to consider when purchasing a continuous ink jet printer


    Reliability is key to the availability of a printer for its recommended number of hours of use over its required uptime

    CIJ printers that don’t meet the exact coding requirements of a production line are more likely to need maintenance. Plus, their cost of consumables (ink or makeup) will be far higher than for a printer with the correct specifications and setup. By investing only a little bit more on the initial capital cost of a printer that meets your needs, you can get twice the output

    Ink / Makeup usage

    Your company will incur costs for ink or makeup long after the initial purchase of a CIJ Printer. It’s important to consider how many products your factory prints, and therefore how often ink or makeup will need to be replaced.

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