Is your Executive Team slowing the process of adopting Industry 4.0 in your plant(s)?

  • By Adem Kulauzovic
  • December 04, 2018
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Having been in countless plants  recently I am seeing a new trend being discussed when myself and our coding specialists bring up the concept of Industry 4.0. When we discuss the idea of coding automation as it relates to Industry 4.0 we are seeing an increase in Executive teams and advisors that are impacting the adoption of all things related to automated changeovers.

Of course the practicality of having an established executive/ advisor team to weigh in on bigger changes and challenges to a plant are ideal; ensuring all key departments weigh in to any major decision impacting an organization. But the reality is that often times not all key personnel, from all departments, are represented. For example, operations…those who use the technology to get the products out the door…may not be a part of these Executive/Advisor teams. The challenge with this is that decisions might be made without having the valuable input from those who deal day to day tasks and challenges.

Furthermore, with a team, there are some real advantages to solving problems together, but the intensity of meeting together and sharing responsibility can also lead to a stalemate. The challenge is to find the leadership model that assures that the business can continue to function effectively.

 When a topic such as Industry 4.0 come into play, it can often be a nebulous topic that doesn’t warrant a proper consideration, because it is either deemed too complicated, not relevant or perhaps too involved. From the plant and operations perspective bringing the concept of Automated changeovers is a game changer, and one that will greatly impact all facets of the business as far as efficiencies. It should be a critical discussion point for the future – and likely you are already talking about it but just not using the Industry 4.0 umbrella.

So how then to get your Executive Team on board? (1) Start with making sure there is an equal representation of the business/ operations within the team, and be clear that all involved have equal weight in the decision making process. Operations not a part of the teams? Make the request to have a representative take part on the Executive team (2) Take the time to map out the key priorities both short term and long term – don’t take on too much. Make it manageable with key paths to success. (3) As a team, shift from success by the individual to developing a sense of stewardship across the business; (4) Don’t be afraid to bring in consultants or suppliers to present on the given topic, such as Industry 4.0, to better understand what is involved and the impact on your organization.

Domino has been involved in many such discussions and welcomes the opportunity to help align your Executive teams to explore the ultimate end goal of incorporating Industry 4.0.

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