How to Factory Reset Your Router

  • By Adem Kulauzovic
  • June 14, 2018
  • General
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A few weeks ago people were asked to reboot their router to stop the VPN Filter malware, and just last week the FBI stated that they want you to do a factory reset.  This is to many, a huge inconvenience since it requires them to set up their whole custom configuration yet again.

But that is residential hardware, what does this have to do with the industry?  Well many factories I have been to of late are using personal networking equipment, from big box stores, as an "add on" to existing networks.  This can expose your whole network to potential risk since you have equipment not optimized for industry and can be the "backdoor" for people to break in.

The cost network media has dropped dramatically through the years; getting network drops are considerably more affordable.  But if you have to go to wireless make sure you choose a industrial system that also has security features that are designed for the corporate networks.  Also involve your IT and OT groups to provide additional security measures such as Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems (WIDS) and/or Wireless Intrusion Protection Systems (WIPS).  

With Industry 4.0 concepts and practices being incorporated in more facilities, it is important that you information is being transmitted securely and efficiently.

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