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  • By Ian Stuart
  • February 16, 2021
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The role of a Control Engineer is essential in streamlining performance within any manufacturing environment. Such tasks as analyzing plant processes and improvements, preventative maintenance on through to trouble shooting are paramount to what this role brings to the table.

So why, when efficiency and OEE are essential elements of production, and during such a uniquely turbulent time economically, are we seeing more manufacturers reducing their control engineers and other key roles from their staff? The reason stems from the fact that expectations on solution providers such as Domino have never been greater - and we welcome the challenge.

In today's market, it is EXPECTED that suppliers add value in supporting the efficiency across the manufacturing process. These are exactly the same functions that the typical Control Engineer brings to the table. This is just one example and by no means meant to devalue the expertise that Control Engineers bring to organizations. Instead, the point is that manufacturers are now looking at how to drive efficiency through their suppliers instead in addition to, and in some cases, in place of, their internal resources - and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Today's suppliers can no longer be expected to operate within their respective “silos” and chosen markets. Instead, today's suppliers need to be aware of the manufacturer's OEE objectives they are supporting, and how to help achieve the desired objective. Many companies, and their supply chains, depend on suppliers meeting their obligations and take on the risk management associated to their offering (and beyond).

Perfect Codes resulting from the Domino Performance Guarantee

From a Coding and Marking perspective, the expectation is that the coding technology will provide reliable, accurate codes, without fail, 100 percent of the time. Here at Domino, we coined this our “Performance Guarantee.”

A suppliers’ services are rapidly becoming the competitive advantage and the pinnacle of the support given. While coding technology is only a small part of the manufacturing process, it is a critical part of traceability. A performance guarantee of a reliable code extends beyond a traceable code. It is the ability to provide innovative solutions to increase a value to their operations, and quantify what that value is accordingly.

It’s the proactive manner to keep our customers abreast of key trends and legislation that might impact their production or supply chain. By no means is the intent to take away vital roles in the business. Instead, we support the organizations we partner with by optimizing their operations to maximize performance.

Domino - More Than Coding & Marking - Operation Optimization

Domino's commitment to our Performance Guarantee also extends to several other types of support as well. As a supplier, we can no longer make a simple, transactional sale and then expect automatic customer loyalty. Instead, we want to partner with our customers for a mutual benefit, and extend beyond just simply putting a technology on the line to print a traceable code.

In fact, here at Domino, we now have a department focused on the Customer Experience that speaks to just this concept. As for that performance guarantee value? Outside of a consistently reliable code, it also insures the commitment to:

  • Support sustainability initiatives and support a collaborative approach to developing new, competitive and sustainable offerings. But let’s start off understanding what your Sustainability goals are, as that means something different for everyone.
  • Provide the updates and information necessary to comply with legislation, and consumer changes, as it relates to the coding and labeling technologies.
  • Use resources efficiently in hopes of helping to reduce waste and emissions.
  • Proactive support to seek continuous improvement in the areas of product innovation, product quality, environmental stewardship, responsiveness and overall support services.

The 1950s are over. It’s now time to bring greater value behind each date, lot or serialized code or label. Let’s start with the performance guarantee and take it from there. How can we bring greater value to your operations? Let’s continue the dialogue.

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