What does TTO stand for in Industrial Printing?

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What does 'TTO' stand for in Industrial Printing?

If you're in the very beginning of the shopping phase for an industrial printer, we have a jungle of acronyms that can lose anyone - especially TTO, TIJ, PIJ, CIJ and the like. 


'TTO' simply stands for Thermal Transfer Overprinter


How does a TTO Work? 

Here at Domino North America, TTO's are represented by our V-Series. The printers themselves utilize a thermal transfer ribbon. Unlike, say, inkjets, they don't utilize ink, per se, instead, they utilize a colored wax that is transferred to the substrate when a heated printhead melts the thermal transfer ribbon. 

If you're unfamiliar with the tech, we assure you, you've seen the codes on Foods, on Pharmaceutical Sachets and more. 

Note the Best Before Date Code in the above image. That's a TTO code.

Domino V Series Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO) Lineup

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