Acupuncture Needle Printing

Domino manufactures multiple efficient, high-quality product marking solutions that maximize production and ensure legislative compliance for acupuncture needles and other surgical-grade instruments

What are coding options for acupuncture needles?

Like other surgical grade needles, labeling and coding acupuncture needles packaging gives both practitioners and patients peace of mind. Beyond that peace of mind, it also ensures products meet strict legislative requirements. Domino V-Series thermal transfer overprinters are ideal for flexible packaging including the wrappers for acupuncture needs.

All V-Series units are characterized by their reliability and ease of use. This ease allows for simple, legible codes in a variety of styles that meet legislative requirements. Our TTO units also offer low operational costs, thanks to minimal ribbon usage – yet they can print many lines of text. 

Beyond TTO, what other options are there?

If TTO isn't an option within your facility, there are other types of industrial printers that can be installed. In this case, Thermal inkjet printing (TIJ) is the solution that is most often used thanks to its speed, legibility and graphic quality for both traceability and date codes.

Continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing could also be used for budget-friendly applications. Domino can provide both technologies, and with our Ax-Series of CIJ printers, we've raised the bar on what can be achieved.

What software can you use to design codes?

Our Automation and Integration Services help make the coding process safer and prevent errors from happening.

Domino Automation and Designer, our software tools for centralized label management and automated deployment, are designed to boost your production efficiency: streamline operations and minimize waste.

Using Domino Automation you can create messages centrally and automatically pass them down to all Domino printers on your production.

  • Design and manage labels at a single location: our intuitive label design system enables using a universal interface, keeping training needs at a minimum.
  • Easily manage users and their permissions: security features like Active Directory Integration enable using your existing IT network, and simplify user management.
  • Full audit trail for the management of production changes: version control provides the ability for approval and roll-back procedures.