Printing on Hearing Aids

Fiber laser printing solutions that offer high-quality, precision product marking – ensuring legislative compliance.

In medical, there is little to no room for error. That doesn't stop for hearing aid production. Precision and accuracy are of the utmost importance at every stage of hearing aid production, from the original design to labeling and packaging to ensure that your clients get the exact unit they require and need to improve their daily life.

Domino fiber lasers are specifically engineered work at up to ten times finer and sharper than other printers. Why would this matter to your end customers? Having a finer beam ensures accurate text, graphics and 2D Datamatrix codes on even the smallest devices or substrates.

You've engineered your hearing aids to be hidden to give wearers peace of mind. Our F-Series will do its job and mark your units with legible codes to ensure proper descriptors that will remain usable for years.

With the proper laser marker, you can even adjust the waveform of the laser pulse to allow for better contrast on the hardest, or softest, of materials – making it ideal for marking both metal and plastic.

Long Service Life, Lower Cost

Etching on hearing aids is a precision business. Given the size of the substrate, it is not a game for imprecise coders and markers. That's why lasers are the best option - pinpoint accuracy and with the right unit, a long service life that will last for years. 

Fiber laser printers provide robust, economical performance over their long service life. They don’t require planned maintenance routines or cooling, even at high production rates. And they're also energy efficient and don’t use consumables – making them a cost-conscious, environmentally friendly solution. Their compact build and flexible i-Tech scan head also make them easy to install in areas with limited production and packaging space.

Ensure Compliance with Pallet Labeling

Make sure you maximize production while remaining in compliance with all relevant legislation. Combine our fiber Laser and labeling technology for a complete marking solution that covers you from product to pallet.

Domino's engineers have done the work to ensure that our army of pallet labeling options can keep up with your fastest production lines to keep your medical device lines running like a fine tuned machine. 

As you know, coding medical devices doesn't stop with just the device itself. Instead, it stretches all the way to the secondary and tertiary packaging coding to make sure that your company is protected - and ultimately, your customer understands exactly what they are getting.

With precious cargo like hearing aids - that's vastly important to the well-being of both your brand and its customer base. 

How do you design labels on Domino industrial printers?

Our Automation and Integration Services help make the coding process safer and prevent errors from happening.

Domino Automation and Designer, our software tools for centralized label management and automated deployment, are designed to boost your production efficiency: streamline operations and minimize waste.

Using Domino Automation you can create messages centrally and automatically pass them down to all Domino printers on your production.

  • Design and manage labels at a single location: our intuitive label design system enables using a universal interface, keeping training needs at a minimum.
  • Easily manage users and their permissions: security features like Active Directory Integration enable using your existing IT network, and simplify user management.
  • Full audit trail for the management of production changes: version control provides the ability for approval and roll-back procedures.