Domino Integrates 1000th Coder to its Market-leading QuickDesign Platform

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  • November 18, 2014
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Domino has reached a milestone with the integration of its1000th coder to the QuickDesign platform, at food supplier Rose Poultry, based in Denmark. This marks a noteworthy achievement for Domino, which has seen the demand for Coding Automation software expand dramatically in recent years. With QuickDesign Domino has enabled new solutions and introduced a standard for European, US and Asian markets, cementing its position as a global authority in Coding Automation.

Frank Johansson, Technical Manager at Domino Systems AS (Denmark), comments: “Our objective is not only to supply market leading printers, but also to provide added value solutions for time saving, error reduction and automation. Rose Poultry is very pleased to have integrated the 1000th coder, an A420i continuous ink jet (CIJ) printer, to QuickDesign and they are already benefiting from the rich set of features on their production lines.”

The QuickDesign suite is a message design and print control software with a flexible configuration that enables central factory-wide control of production line messages for primary, secondary and tertiary coding operations. Easy to use and integrate across a wide range of technologies, it provides users with a scalable solution to ensure compliant and consistent coding is maintained throughout production lines.

Also helping to streamline coding operations are a range of features that include a highly configurable Operator Mode that helps minimise operator error and the possibility to integrate QuickDesign to external data sources, including ERP or product databases. This last feature allows data to be stored correctly in a central location for best practice data management.

Further improving Rose Poultry’s coding operations is the installation of six A420i printers using black 1BK004i ink. One of the most efficient and reliable CIJ printers available, the A420i offers the lowest total cost of ownership of any ink jet printer thanks to the i-Tech (intelligent Technology) service-free ink system that delivers ultra-low makeup usage, reducing costs and operator intervention.

Frank Johansson concludes: “Innovative and versatile software is playing an increasingly vital role in streamlining production efficiencies and driving productivity. The combination of the A420i technology and the QuickDesign software is a formidable proposition that ensures minimal downtime and allows customers like Rose Poultry to focus on the core areas of their business.”

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