Domino Provides Comprehensive Customer Support and Ease of mind with the Relax Programme

  • By Domino Printing Sciences
  • December 10, 2015
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Domino Printing Sciences’ Relax Programme is a long standing, in-house leasing option available to all Domino printers. The programme is ideal for customers who prefer to acquire and run Domino systems through operating expenditure, instead of capital.

With Relax, a customer is given the possibility to lease an entire package: from initial installation, to consumables and service and technical support from Domino, for a three to seven year period.

Mark Holland, Commercial Manager (Aftermarket) at Domino Printing Sciences outlines the benefits of the programme: “Relax gives customers a stress-free solution to hardware problems, and as a leased product with a fixed consumables cost, any spare parts or servicing are just a phone call away.”

Mark continues: “Should customers find their production requirements have changed, the option to include additional printers to an existing contract is always available. Consumables, including inks, are drop-shipped as and when necessary. If production volumes significantly increase, a guaranteed price for the additional materials is settled in advance, with invoicing available on a monthly or quarterly basis.”

The Relax Programme has helped a number of Domino’s worldwide customers ensure a smooth, uncomplicated leasing process on their production lines, as well as increase uptime.

Express Packaging, a contract packaging service provider with offices in Ohio and Chicago, USA, has benefitted significantly from the Relax Program, which includes annual line audits and a full five years’ labor and parts warranty, along with the installation of new printers and accessories. “With this program we lease the equipment and Domino comes in to set it up and service it for us, which is especially helpful, as it relieves us of all maintenance that we have to perform on the coders”, says Fred Hartzler, President of Express Packaging.

Jamones Arroyo, one of the largest ham factories in Spain, has been enrolled in the Relax Program for over four years. In the words of Commercial Director, Javier Arroyo, the Relax Program “provides the possibility of paying for the equipment comfortably, without incurring major expenses and, above all, without getting into debt. Domino ensures maintenance keeps the equipment running exactly as it should be.”

Holland concludes: “The Relax program ensures the customer’s machinery, consumables, maintenance, service and replacements are covered for the duration of their contract. Moreover, Domino is able to provide production line staff with a thorough knowledge of how the equipment works, as well as conduct training courses, ensuring the maximum output capabilities of the printer.”

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