Join Domino at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2021

  • April 28, 2021
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See the Domino North America team in person at Pack Expo Vegas 2021. 

Discover what it means to experience 100% Code Guarantee...

We couldn't be MORE excited to see you in person at Pack Expo Las Vegas. Domino offers solutions that go beyond just coding and marking and we have so many new things to share since we last saw you. Find out more at Pack Expo Las Vegas, Booth C-3825!

Coding errors pose a significant financial risk to manufacturers – and this goes much further than the risk of manufacturing waste and need to rework incorrect stock. If left to enter the supply chain, an incorrect code can necessitate a product recall, which is not only costly in terms of logistics but can also damage the long-term value of a company.

Domino is excited to share many new advancements since we last met at Pack Expo, including our R-Series, a new range of smart vision systems for automatic inspection and validation of product codes, including date codes, batch numbers, barcodes, and 2D-printed codes. 

These advancements highlight Domino’s ongoing commitment to ‘Do more’ to help manufacturers improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing waste by delivering ‘best-in-class’ customer experience through products, services, and expertise. 

Let's continue the dialogue. We invite you to find out more. How about a 1-on-1 personal tour at the show? Send an e-mail to and receive a free ticket to the show!

About Pack Expo 2021

PACK EXPO Las Vegas and co-located Healthcare Packaging EXPO will bring the packaging and processing world together like no other event in 2021. 

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