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Eric Corzine

i-Pulse Domino's i-Pulse print head

Next-generation technology i-Pulse print head with precision ink drop generation.

Ax 150i inks, makeup and fluids Our Ax-Series consumables range

Ink and makeup configuration for the Domino Ax150i Continuous Inkjet Industrial Printer.

The Ax150i redefines the standard for entry level industrial inkjet printers.

Find the perfect balance between price and performance with the Ax150i Industrial CIJ Printer from Domino North America. This entry into our Ax-Series Continuous Inkjet lineup provides Domino technology at a surprisingly competitive price. Thanks to its compact size and ultra-responsive stop-start performance, the Ax150i provides maximum flexibility and reliability to meet your operation's coding needs.

Like the rest of the Ax-Series lineup, the 150i features our incredible i-Pulse printhead for high-quality and consistent printing. In addition, it supports a wide range of i-Pulse printing inks. Beyond color variety, Domino inks allow for greater production thanks to quick and easy ink and make-up changes.

Next Generation Printer Service

The state-of-the-art -Techx module from Domino North America removes the cost and inconvenience of traditional servicing. While we have a worldwide team of onsite service technicians, we can also service our printers and coders from afar - and the Ax150i is no exception. Built from the ground up to champion user simplicity, the Ax150i also benefits from our i-Techx electronics platform and class-leading QuickStep user interface to provide a fast, easy to understand and error-reducing operator experience.

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Low Upfront Cost, Lower Cost of Ownership

Domino industrial printing engineers pride themselves on creating highly-reliable Industrial Printers and Coders. The Ax150i builds on Domino's strong reputation for high-reliability, ease of use and low cost of ownership industrial printers. The Ax150i is the ideal choice if you want to save money while enjoying flexibility, reliability and simplicity in batch coding and variable data printing.

Domino's Ax-Series Ax150i is Domino's latest entry-level CIJ printer that replaces the outgoing range of i-Tech A-Series products. The Domino A120 and A100+ reputations were built on ease of use, low cost of ownership and low running costs. The Ax150i also replaces the A220, and gives factories the ability to print up to five lines of code. This ability makes it the ideal choice if you want to save money, enjoy flexibility, reliability and simplicity.

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