Meet Domino Relax Program

  • By Ian Stuart
  • August 20, 2021
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Meet Domino's Innovative Relax Program

Aren't you tired of not knowing what's coming down the pipeline for costs? As business owners and technicians, dealing with ever-changing expenditure costs is just a fact of life, but with Domino, we can finally give you a little bit of respite.

Domino RELAX is an innovative program that marries the best of all that Domino has to offer, so you have one predictable easy payment that can get locked in. It covers everything from: 

  • Financing of Installation Fees
  • Equipping your Factory with Domino's most up-to-date technology
  • Rolling in ongoing Maintenance and Support Costs 
  • Ensuring that our machinery is optimized to marry up to your line perfectly

Domino engineers and its maintenance team is amongst the best in the business with Consumable experts working to optimize our inks, ribbons, labels and filters, solutions such as a 24/7 support line and Augmented reality so we can get your line up and running and more.  

Domino proudly offers the Relax easy Financing solution allowing you to roll all payments into one for your units.

Get peace of mind & never have to worry about shifting costs

With Inflation, Supply Chain Issues, Worldwide Pandemics and more, isn't your financing team looking for a bit of a break - and while you're hard at work trying to innovate your factory floor?

Costs are always adjusting in business. Wouldn't you like to finally get a piece of machinery for your production line with costs that you can actually trust for the lifetime of a contract?

That's what you get with Domino and its Relax program.

That's why we've put together a handy PDF for you to hand into to your Financial officers - so they know that you have everything you need to technologically advance you line.


How do you contact Domino about Relax?

If you're interested in the Relax program, or even have some questions that you would like to get answered, please feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable staff.

Reach out to Domino or learn more about Domino North America's menu of Financing options

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