High quality, machine readable codes produced by our compact CO2 laser printers

CO2 Laser Marking Expert
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Jon Hall

Senior Product Marketing Manager - Laser Marking Expert

Domino D120i Industrial Laser Marker with Controller Laser Mount

Flexible laser positioning including vertical mounting for a smaller footprint.

Domino D-Series Laser Coder Touch Panel Touch Panel

Position our remote TouchPanel away from the coding, to suit your production line.

With no need for inks and solvents and the capability to produce multiple lines of text at 800 characters a second, the D120i 10W CO2 laser printer can be your operation's solution to increase production and reduce waste. Our D-Series CO2 laser printers are used with several substrates including flexible packaging, glass, PET and more.

Thanks to the D120's ability to code multiple lines at once, it can greatly increase coding efficiencies of manufacturing production lines across several industries.

Easy to integrate, easy to deploy

All D-Series lasers from Domino North America have a small footprint, making integration quick and easy for your engineers. The D120i weighs in at just over 14 kilograms with a total length of 68 centimeters, making our laser exceptionally small.

There is an advantage to our laser printer's small dimensions. If you have infrastructure built in for another laser, our D-Series can be easily retrofitted into nearly any existing line.

Tough Enough for your Factory Floor

Here at Domino North America, we understand the realities of a factory environment. Our lasers are built to withstand just about anything you can throw at them. Custom-built for harsh factory environments, all D-Series CO2 laser printer i-Tech modules carry an IP65 rating.

For more information about the D120i or its stablemates, the D320i or D620i, contact your Domino North America representative.