D-Series CO2 Laser Marking

High-speed industrial CO2 laser printing and laser marking systems for quality prints in harsh environments

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Laser marked substrate

organic, glass, PET, foil, plastic, covered metals paper boards, paper

organic, PET, glass, plastic, foil, covered metal, paper boards, paper, polypropylene

organic, plastic, covered metal, PET, glass, paper boards, foil, paper

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58x58 up to 452x572

58x58 up to 452x572

58x58 up to 452x572

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Coding Speed

800 char/sec

1500 char/sec

2000 char/sec

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TUEV (TÜV) certified
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D-Series CO2 Industrial Laser Marking Machine Range

Our D-Series are small, yet powerful CO2 laser marking solutions that can print on a number of substrates. Domino North America's D-Series i-Tech range of 10-watt, 30-watt and 60-watt CO2 laser marking systems deliver flexible, high-speed, high-quality coding across a wide variety of materials, with the ability to produce multiple lines of text, making it an ideal industrial-level CO2 laser printing solution. 

Our i-Tech laser marking systems provide flexible installation through their modular design. Their IP65 ratings make them suitable even for some of the harshest environments. The D-Series industrial CO2 laser marking machine can be controlled from alternative locations using our familiar production line interface or from any industrial PC.

The new smaller, adjustable i-Tech scan head is the fastest of its kind and our patented RapidScan technology means they are capable of creating high quality codes - even on factory-level high speed product and packaging lines.

Minimum Footprint for Maximum Versatility

Domino's powerful lineup of CO2 laser marking systems are the ideal solution when you need optimum print code quality from a compact machine. Our i-Tech CO2 industrial laser marking machines are capable of integrating directly into your existing production line - even when you have limited space. This allows for our CO2 lasers to be deployed in a wide number of industries for a wide variety of materials including applications for Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverage and more. 

Our laser markers are not only capable of delivering both human readable and 2D Datamatrix coding, they can provide legally-compliant industrial laser printing solutions for serialization directives and other traceability demands.

Our CO2 Laser Coders are an excellent solution for operations looking to lower their carbon footprint. Requiring zero inks or solvents, our CO2 laser marking systems minimize waste, and automatic temperature control cooling means the printer saves energy wherever possible and can even require less upkeep.

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Protect your equipment with our diverse range of DPX fume extraction units

Domino North America's DPX range of fume extraction units provide an efficient and cost-effective way of keeping your factory's production at full capacity and most importantly, complying with health and safety standards. Through its efficient two stage filtration process with patented technology, the DPX helps to reduce the risk of product contamination and rejects.

Our DPX fume extraction units also reduce the likelihood of co2 laser failure due to dust or particle formation inside your laser marking equipment. Robust, reliable and easy to operate, the DPX units come in a wide range of variants based upon production speed:

  • DPX500 (production rates below 200 codes per min)
  • DPX1000 (between 200-500 codes per min)
  • DPX1500 (above 500 codes per min)
  • DPX2000 (all PVC coding applications)

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