Installing and setting up the G50i on your production line is quick, simple and doesn’t require any technical expertise. The system is virtually service free and needs no service or maintenance contracts to keep it printing. Ink cartridge changeover is easy, clean, and simple to do.

  • Easy to self install
  • Easy to configure
  • Easy to use

How to install, set up and use your Case Coder

Here are some videos to get you started, including a product walkaround with Alex Mountis (Product Manager - TIJ).

For a full library of helpful videos, head over to our video gallery here.


Product Walkaround


Unboxing and Assembly


Assembly Procedure


Installation Procedure


Initial Configuration Procedure


Start-up Procedure


Answers to common questions

G50i can be used with the onboard UI touchscreen and remotely via a webbrowser which connects to the unit. Labels can also be created on a separate web page and then transfered to the controller.

There isn't a limitation on the number of fonts. The only limitation is the available storage space.

Full Asian and Chinese language and characters are supported.

The G50i is fully compliant to all health and electrical safety regulations in all countries where it is sold.

TIJ stands for Thermal Ink Jet – a process where ink droplets are heated and as the ink expands it is ejected from the nozzle. This is a very accurate, fast, and controllable technology.

The prints per cartridge depend on many factors including the size, complexity, and font of the message being printed. The printer will give you an indication of the number of prints that can be made, based on each individual code created.

G50i is not supplied with an encoder but an encoder is available in the accessories list alongside other accessories like an external photocell, beacon and anti-shock system for the printhead.

Thermal Inkjet technology can print up to 600 x 600 dpi. For outer case coding applications image output of up to 300 x 300dpi is recommended.

No, the printer does not have to be switched off, although the printing function should be stopped and restarted after the new cartridge is installed.

The power supply of G50i is 24V / 60W.

There isn't a limitation on the number of messages. The only limitation is the available storage space.

The G50i printer can support 147 listed barcode types which are all rendered when sent to print. For the full list of supported barcodes please go to the product manual for the printer.

G50i supports 22 core languages, however we can add any new language upon request.

Yes, G50i can interface with Check Weigh scales.

G50i can be controlled over the network as a stand-alone device by WebUI. However, G50i is designed as a stand-alone printer and is not intended to be networked with other printers.

Simply push the latch that holds the cartridge in place and remove any empty cartridge; then take the plastic protection clip off the new cartridge and slide the cartridge, electrical connectors facing down, nozzles facing forward into the slot; When the cartridge is in place correctly, it locks. See the installation video to watch a cartridge being inserted.

Yes, Domino supply an aleart beacon separately. The product number is EPT078585 and information about installing the beacon can be found in the video section.

Changing the language of the printer is an easy task from a menu option on the printer.

Updated based on table - 100dpi is 228 m/min and 600dpi is 38 m/min.

G50i supports canvas editing for messages and the only limitations are the maximum label width (up to 1.5m) and a maximum of 5 shift codes.

Technical and Sales information

Find all the information you require about the G50i: Product Manuals, Operators Reference Guides, Brochures, and Declaration of Conformity.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) can be found on our partner website. Just enter the part number you are looking for and what language you need the document in.

Need more information?

If you need any other information on the G50i or any other product in the Domino range, please contact your local distributor or Domino subsidiary. Alternatively you can send your questions to our support team who will be happy to assist or fill in the form on the right and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.