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Domino G50i printing onto ribbon Installation and setup

How to install, setup and use the G50i.

Domino G50i printing onto carboard box Manuals and Documentation

Manuals and Documentation for the G50i

The Domino G50i is our entry-level thermal inkjet (TIJ) box coder which is ideally suited to code text, logos, barcodes, and variable data onto your primary and secondary packaging. It has been designed to be easily self-installed, direct from the box, without any technical knowledge required.

The G50i is made up of two parts – the printhead and the 5-inch colour display touchscreen. There are two printhead variants available: GP printhead which is suitable for all of your standard and high-speed coding needs, and the EXT printhead for your outer case coding needs and to print larger machine-readable codes. The single remote printhead fits one ink cartridge, which ejects ink to print sharp, high-resolution codes on both porous and non-porous substrates, including paper and card. This can be mounted both horizontally or vertically, giving you more flexibility when connecting to existing production lines. Cartridge changes are simple and take less than 20 seconds without any need for tools.

Domino developed inks - optimized for superior performance
We use our extensive experience to develop and manufacture our range of Gx-Series aqueous and ethanol-based ink solutions.

  • Flexible: you can print combinations of barcodes, logos, and variable data
  • Reliable: clear, high-resolution codes
  • Lasting quality: adhesion and contrast ensure excellent code clarity and durability throughout the supply chain
  • Cost-effective: low ink consumption and maintenance-free operation delivers a low total cost of ownership

To find out more about Domino Printing's G50i case coder, visit our dedicated support page here.