Corner wrap label applicator that prints with precision onto labels and meticulously positions them onto the corners of boxes, cartons or packages

M230i Closeup Print head M230i-CW100 Corner Wrap Labeler print heads

Magnetically coupled, our CW100's tool-free print heads allow for quick change out for easy maintenance and have a 100 km (3.9 million inch) warranty – typically 3x longer than the competition*

M-Series TouchPanel used with the Domino M230i-CW & CWR M-Series Touchpanel

Clear monitoring and control with a intuitive color user interface utilizing Domino QuickDesign software.

Why choose a Domino Corner Wrap Labeler?

After your product has been perfectly packaged and the marketers have designed the primary packaging, you still have to get the product to your customer base.

Enter Domino's unique corner wrapping, secondary packaging solution - the Domino M230i-CW100 Corner Wrap Labeler - your dual-panel, zero-crease, product labeling solution.  

Two Sides, Zero Blemishes

Incorporating the latest i-Tech features, our robust wrap system is purpose-built to provide the longest life amongst the Print and Apply solutions on the market today. Our CW100 Corner Wrap Labeler boasts a unique split pad design to ensure accurate label placement that leaves zero bubbles, creases or wrinkles.

Domino's pad design maintains control of the entire label throughout the wrap process. This constant contact is how our corner wrapper ensures your labels are properly applied to both panels, so you don't have to worry about critical information being corrupted. Proper label control providing clean wraps that minimize corner non-print area is paramount for industries such as Life Sciences, Food, Consumer Packaged Goods, and customers who need high reliability with minimal operator intervention. 

You get two wrapped panels, one purpose-built wrap labeler and zero worries with the CW100. 

Learn how the M230i-CW100 can improve your operation

For more information about our impressive PALM lineup or any of our other industrial printers and coders, make an inquiry and one of our knowledgeable Account Managers will contact you as soon as possible. 

Unparalleled Product Support

For peace of mind and to ensure that you keep your corner wrap labeler running at peak capacity for years, we offer genuine Domino ribbons and labels. These consumables are specifically engineered to the needs of our industrial printers and are built to maximize print quality and reduce unplanned downtime. When paired with scheduled deliveries through Domino SafeSupply we ensure you use the genuine consumables required to keep producing, without costly last-minute rush orders.

If you get all of your labels and ribbons for an M-Series like the CW100 from Domino through SafeSupply, you have a FREE Extended Warranty for the lifetime of the labeler.

That's how much we believe in Domino industrial printers fed with Domino Consumables.

* Warranty for Thermal Transfer applications. 50 km for Direct Thermal Applications