Print and apply label applicator developed for diverse production environments

Domino M230i-P150 Pallet Labeler Designed for your needs

With options like aluminium or stainless steel cabinet, left or right handed operation, different climate kits to ensure a perfect labelling climate and integrated check scanner and TouchPanel, you can easily configure a unit especially for your needs.

Tertiary packaging may not get the glory, but when it's not properly set up, it can be an extreme bottleneck on an otherwise perfectly optimized operation. Prevent bottlenecks and automate the end of your line labeling process with the M230i-P150 label applicator. 

Part of Domino North America's family of PALM options, the M230i-P150 can boost productivity by providing a solution to automate your end of line labeling process. Available in rugged stainless steel or aluminum, the P150 was designed to be easy to integrate design and suitable for both growing facilities or as an improvement to a working production line.

Ultimate Flexibility

Our Pallet Labeling system can print and position labels on one, two or even three sides of every pallet providing maximum flexibility for your logistical requirements. 

That philosophy for maximum flexibility stretches beyond the machinery and into our software. When M230i-P150 is deployed in tandem with our powerful Industry 4.0-capable Coding Automation software packages, the print and apply label applicator provides opportunities for overall Equipment Efficiency enhancements, saving your operation time and money and can even save from potential liability.

Identification when you need it

Increasing global legislation in industries such as pharmaceutical and food will require better integration of pallet identification (and the products they contain) to its associated packaging and supply chain processes, keeping your operation ahead of the curve and ensuring maximum trackability for your product base.

For more information about our M230i-P150, contact one of our knowledgeable Domino North America reps today. 

Unparalleled Product Support

To keep your label applicator running at peak capacity for years, we offer genuine Domino ribbons and labels. These consumables are specifically engineered to the needs of our industrial printers. 

If you get all of your labels and ribbons for an M-Series like the CW100 from Domino through SafeSupply, you have a FREE Extended Warranty for the lifetime of the labeler.

That's how much we believe in Domino industrial printers fed with Domino Consumables.