Introducing the M230i-NS100 Pallet Labeler

The most compact dual panel pallet labeling system on the market today.

Take your line's Tertiary Packaging to the next level with with the M230i-NS100 Pallet Labeler. One of the most critical parts of product labeling is the capability to onto stretch wrap.

The safest way to accomplish this task is at a 90 degree extension and retraction. Swing arms, while prevalent in the coding and marking industry due to cost savings, are not ideal for avoiding stretch wrap catching. Domino's M230i-NS100 pallet labeler is your factory's answer.

Through innovative design, simple integration and streamlined processes, Domino Amjet North America's M230i-NS100 eliminates operator error, increases factory throughput and revenue.

Changing the game through masterful design

It all starts with the core design of the applicator. Labels are applied and scanned in a single, sweeping motion, perpendicular to the pallet, eliminating the chance of the swing arms getting caught in stretch wrap, resulting in higher reliability and more effective label placement.

The NS-100 fits in the all-too-often limited space restrictions typically seen on a production line, positioned after the palletizer or stretch wrapper.  

The future of pallet labeler has never been more accessible, seamlessly integrated and reliable. For more information, contact Domino Amjet today

A pallet labeling solution that intelligently automates production