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Carlsberg, a Danish-based brewer, has two beverage production units in Sweden. One in Falkenberg on the east coast of the Kattegat sea and the other, farther south in Ramlosa. In all, these two production units produce 3 million hectoliters yearly. This large capacity factory also features a can line that runs 90,000 cans an hour.

For this application, Carlsberg selected Domino Amjet's F720i fiber laser for its high speed capability and specific ability to print on beverage cans. The laser is in a demanding environment with both water and high humidity, temperature differences in summer and winter.

Adverse Conditions

Unlike the controlled environment of a Domino lab, when one of our Fiber Lasers are deployed in a factory, it is important that the laser can manage these demanding conditions.

In order to deploy its codes, the 720i generates a highly-focused CO2 laser beam, distributed in short pulses. The speed of the bursts is key and it ensures the high-speed requirements of the beverage canning industry.

Real World Application, Real World Results

The Carlsberg plant, with its high yearly production yield was a perfect real-world application to show the can coding capabilities of our laser solutions. Don't just take our word for it, take Carlsberg Sweden's.

"We needed a reliable coding system. The laser allows us to use less chemicals and solvents, which is in line with Carslberg’s environmental awareness. The Domino F720i is a product that works well on our can line." –Ove Danielsson Carlsberg Sweden


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