Domino’s Ax350i CIJ and Express Packaging are Rewriting the Rules of Superior Packaging and Coding!

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As a contract packager providing many types of packaging solutions to some of the world's largest food products manufacturers, Express Packaging must process an extremely high volume at a very high speed. Efficiency is a mustand avoiding downtime is critical.

Express Packaging has over 30 years of experience providing tailored primary and secondary packaging solutions for a wide array of global brands. For many of these years they have relied on Domino equipment and now they’re thrilled with the performance of Domino’s latest continuous inkjet(CIJ) printer—the Ax350i.

Clearly, there’s little room for error at Express Packaging. "We are SQF Level 3 audited, which is the highest quality standard for handling open food products. But it's just as important that codes are clear on the packages for the clients that we service and for the customers that purchase the products," says Express Packaging President Fred Hartzler. "And we trust only Domino for that!"

"It [the Ax350i] saves us money, it runs faster for us and we have clearer print. We've used other suppliers in the past but no one has equalled the production that a Domino printer puts out"

Express Packaging President Fred Hartzler


Express Packaging is an award-winning contract packaging service provider for worldwide brands such as Nestlé, Kraft,Hershey and more. Specialising in a variety of techniques that include pouching, cartoning, shrink-wrapping and label printing, Express Packaging employs approximately 500 people at its locations in Chicago and Ohio. The company may run 10-20 food packaging lines per shift and has more than 50 Domino systems, including case coders and CIJ printers—such as the new Ax350i—in use across four plants.

Referencing the Ax350i, Mr. Hartzler said, "Although we were very happy with what we had, we instantly wanted to try the new product. Every time Domino comes out with something new, we find it to be even better than what we're currently using. This new printer that we put in has proven to be that."

One of the things I really like about the Ax350i is that our operators are all very familiar with touch screens from our other equipment. So we brought this in and it literally took minutes to train them on how to adjust their code dates.Dan Crone, Project and Maintenance Manager at Express Packaging

The Need for New Inks, New Capabilities High volume, high speeds and high stress! When it comes to keeping up with the requirements of some of the world’s largest packaged goods brands, Express Packaging is under pressure to meet deadlines, maintain quality and exceed expectations on a daily basis.

Additionally, printers in Express Packaging plants must withstand the tough production environment and storage conditions that are typical of the food industry. The Ax350i utilises the new, highly reliable i-Pulse inks. These advanced inks—designed for even the most demanding applications—easily adhere, even after harsh post-print processes including retort (sterilisation) and blast freezing.

They offer high-contrast, long-lasting codes suitable for direct food contact.

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