Ink Migration....are you compliant?

As PCI began executing their serialization strategy, which included helper codes- 2D datamatrix codes on round HDPE bottles, used for Aggregation- they recognized the need to validate that the inks being used for printing these helper codes weren’t migrating through the bottles.  Working in collaboration, PCI and Domino identified the key inks required and developed testing criteria to demonstrate compliance with industry leachability requirements. This video explores the process, and the results of the testing.

 Through their partnership with Domino, PCI can confidently report to their customers that all printing being done on their HDPE bottles is completely safe for their consumers and fully in compliance with the regulations set forth in USP 661.2. PCI’s customers have come to expect a high level of confidence in their packages and Domino has consistently provided support to continue that reputation of quality.

The White Paper, available to download, details the research and results that has allowed Domino and PCI to confidently conclude that there is no ink migration of Domino inks through the walls of PCI’s HDPE bottles.

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