Bart Vansteenkiste


Bart Vansteenkiste has worked for Domino for over 19 years in different commercial roles. As the Pharmaceutical key account manager for Belgium he then joined the headquarters based Life Sciences sector team in 2011 to focus on the EU FMD legislation. Since February 2016 Bart has been appointed Global life sciences sector manager and in this role, he is responsible for developing Domino’s Life Sciences business and strategy. Bart deals directly with Domino’s pharma key accounts head offices and keeps close contact with the sector trade associations. Bart also regularly attends and presents at conferences on behalf of Domino.

Articles from Bart Vansteenkiste

Covid-19: Key considerations when printing onto masks

Understanding how to add the necessary codes to masks is crucial for manufacturers – both for the efficiency of their business and the safety of their customers. There are health risks associated with incorrect coding practices. And different types of mask have different coding requirements. Let’s outline the key considerations.


Become compliant with the Russian cryptocode legislation

Time is running out for companies to prepare for the new Russian coding legislation. Here is everything you need to know about becoming compliant.


EU FMD: Early adopters share their experience of item-level serialisation

Still waiting to finalise your preparations for the upcoming adoption of the Falsified Medicines Directive? Here’s what to expect.


5 benefits of item-level serialisation for pharma businesses

Implementing item-level serialisation is a major challenge for pharmaceutical businesses. But it promises significant benefits – both for individual businesses and the industry as a whole. And the earlier you make the transition, the better.


EU Falsified Medicines Directive - Q and A

Bart Vansteenkiste, European Life Sciences Sector Manager answers some general Question about European Union Falsified Medicines Directive.


Other Pharma Emerging Legislation

The pharmaceutical sector is facing its greatest challenge to date; how to reduce the number of counterfeit and falsified medicines entering the legitimate supply chain.


The future of pharmaceutical data management

Pharmaceutical businesses are staring at a sea of change in the way medication is tracked. Legislation has been passed to implement item-level serialisation. Essentially each individual bottle or packet of medication must be able to be tracked from production line to patient. That poses a huge data management challenge and impacts almost every business function in the pharmaceutical industry. Here’s what you need to know.


China CFDA eCode

The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) work to ensure the safety of food and healthcare products in the Chinese market. The drug regulation aims to protect patients from counterfeit pharmaceuticals and counterfeit traditional Chinese medicines.


EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD 2011/62/EU)

​Adopted in 2011 the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD 2011/62/EU) aims to decrease incidents of falsified medicines reaching the open market within the European Economic area resulting in improved patient safety.